Friday, May 7, 2010

No Doy

Katrina likes to yell, "Mom! MOOOOM!" to get my attention. The other day Adam was imitating her and yelling, "Tori! TORI!" Now Katrina likes to call me Tori. Actually, it comes out "Doy." So this morning she was saying, "Doy doy doy. Hi Doy."
This picture shows what a good sport Daniel is. Sometimes Katrina says she needs to use the bathroom and I have to put him down suddenly. Luckily he doesn't seem to care.
He just snacked from the sippy cup while waiting.
Here's some pottytraining updates if you want to skip. Katrina has been doing awesome. She's not without accidents, which are of course frustrating, but she is still doing so well. Yesterday she made a huge forward step that I honestly wasn't expecting to happen for months. She took herself to the bathroom twice without telling me she needed to go! The only problem is that she didn't pull down her underwear. But still, that's awesome.
She's decided in the last two days that she wants to be naked. Even though she can never manage to pull down her pants to use the bathroom she is fully capable of taking her clothes off any other time she decides that she wants to be naked!
Last night Katrina started crying at about 11. We went in and she was just crying and crying and signing "hurt." We couldn't get her to point at what hurt but I was very glad she knew how to say she was in pain (it's a fairly new sign for her). We eventually deduced that her stomach hurt and let her come out and watch Sprout with us for a few minutes while sipping juice. It was very sad and pathetic but still so cute and rewarding. Kids are so fun! Yesterday I was coaching Daniel on sitting up and rolling over and just relishing the time I got to spend with him doing that.

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