Saturday, May 22, 2010

My new bag

I don't know if you've seen these bags before, but the brand is Ameribag and these bags are supposed to be ergonomic and better for your back. My mother-in-law has one and showed it to me a couple of weeks ago. I didn't think about it much then, until one Sunday Adam and I were both getting frustrated with my current diaper bag and how difficult it is to find things in it. I switched to an older, smaller bag, and started thinking about my mother-in-law's bag. The cool thing about these is the sheer number of pockets they have. So I borrowed hers for a week, bought some fabric, and drafted up a pattern (though I made it larger and customized the pockets for my needs).
I stayed up late sewing two nights in a row because I was so excited. This is the result!
I'm pretty pleased. It looks really nice and fits all of my stuff well. It's definitely not perfect. I used a really stiff interfacing that was super difficult to work with when I was sewing everything together. If I make more bags like this I will use cotton canvas or twill like my mother-in-law's bag and dispense with the interfacing.

The inside is really fun. I made use of my extra foldover elastic from diaper making to make stretchy pockets for holding diapers, snacks, changes of clothes, and a sippy cup.

Plus there is a zipper pocket and two flat pockets for the wipes case and changing pad.

The outside has a flat pocket, a zipper pocket (see Katrina's hand? She was jumping on the bed and trying to hold the camera during this whole thing),

a flap pocket, and a pocket with velcro on the side for phone, a sippy cup, glasses, or whatever I want to put there. This bag can hold a sippy cup on the inside and one on the outside too which is good for when Daniel and Katrina both need sippies.
This bag is far from perfect. I bought feet to go on the bottom to keep it off the ground and since I didn't really know where to put them they ended up in the complete wrong spot and are pretty worthless! Here's two shots of some major issues I had to deal with--sewing bias tape around two layers of outside, two layers of inside, and two layers of thick interfacing, plus several layers of pockets. Around a curve.

Occasionally missing some layers. I fixed up most of these places last night but then Daniel woke up to eat and I had to stop. I'll fix the rest later today.
And now for some action shots.
I'm in pajamas. :] The camera kept turning off because it needs to be charged, so these photos are a little rushed.

Yes, Katrina was standing on the toilet in that picture.
And here is it over just one shoulder, which is how I will most likely carry it all of the time since I don't like slinging bags across my body--it just feels awkward. Though this bag, because of it's ergonomic shape, is definitely less awkward than most.

Bonus shot: Daniel being cute.
So hooray for a new diaper bag! I like this one. Even if the downsides of the bag (mostly the weird interfacing) start to bug me, I can make a new one easily out of better fabric and it won't be that expensive. But I'm going to stick with this one for awhile. It's really cute, practical, and I think it will get a little less stiff with use.
Since I finished this bag last night I'm going to share it on Sew N Tell Fridays at Amy Lou Who!
I'm also sharing at Show and Tell at Blue Cricket Design and Strut Your Stuff at Somewhat Simple.


lsj said...

You are a marvel! I love your creativeness and willingness to try new things.

Leslie said...

really great job!

KQuiltyBee said...

wow--this really works!

Sew It Up Baby! said...

Love it! YOur bag looks like a perfect match to your MIL's. Love the fabrics you used.

Dayna said...

Ooooo! Fun bag!!

Beverly @ said...

Really cute! I love the colors you put together and all the little pockets. Nice job!

carol from said...

Instead of interfacing try headliner foam. Yes foam. I saw it at quilt market. It is sewable and adds skwish, firmness, but is still light. The Serenity Bag (, the one that uses texture magic uses it and the designer also uses it in laptop bags. I loved the feel of the straps, hefty, but with out stiffness. I bought some at Joann's (next to the rolls of vinyl) yesterday to try. New laptop bag her I come.

Heather said...

So cool! I'm super impressed with how well you duplicated that bag without a pattern to work with. Way to go! Enjoy your new diaper bag. :o)