Sunday, May 2, 2010

Happy Sabbath

Here are some happy pictures to brighten up your Sabbath.
We had a stake meeting today with the President of the Seventy, President Jensen. It was a nice meeting and Daniel was basically angelic. Katrina was as well-behaved as possible. We arrived an entire hour early because the entire stake was invited. We were nervous of how she would do with basically a three-hour Sacrament meeting, but we walked around a lot before the meeting and tried to get the wiggles out. I had to take her out a couple of times for bathroom false alarms (i.e. she knows if she says she has to go to the bathroom she gets to go out) and once for hitting, but no screaming, woo-hoo!
So here's a cute thing Katrina has picked up in the last few days: counting. Last week she could count to 2. Now she can count to 3 and more! Here's an example of what I heard today: "One, doo, dree, do, mumble, six, seben, mumble, do, one." I was amazed! She's so good! It's really cute.
Here is the first yoga bag after one night of work. Hopefully tonight I'll get the inside and pockets done, and then tomorrow I'll hopefully finish up the straps and snaps and stuff. Isn't it pretty?

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