Saturday, May 8, 2010

Happy Mother's Day to me

Adam did a very nice job with celebrating Mother's Day for me. His gift is to take me out for dinner and a movie next weekend. It will be our first date in...a year? The last time we went out for a date was for the movie Star Trek. It's ironic that the best Mother's Day gift is time away from the kids, isn't it? :]

I also requested something from the kids, and so I was happy to receive this beautiful bouquet hand-colored by Katrina. Ignore my just-rolled-out-of-bed charm!
I found a couple of scarf tutorials this week that I decided to try out. Here is a ruffled scarf tutorial and here is a crinkle scarf tutorial. I picked up a couple of beautiful fabrics at Joanns and had fun. I made small changes in length and width to the original patterns in order to be able to make two scarves from each length of fabric, and I liked the changes. I made one for myself with two layers and it ended up kind of bubbly and cool. I wore it on Sunday and really enjoyed it. I've never been one for decorative scarves but maybe I'll change my habits!
Oh, and that fringe took for-ev-er. You have to pull out all of the horizontal fibers. I have tons of thread that I saved because it's pretty. I'll show you what I end up doing with it if it turns out all right.

These are the cards we brought to our Mother's Day celebration in New Jersey. I told Adam I would take care of the cards, and then right before we left I remembered I hadn't done them yet. Luckily these cards were as easy as the tutorial said they were. I quickly sewed them up while Daniel chilled in the swing and watched and Katrina tried to steal my fabric and thread, then flung each one across the room for Adam to write up nice notes. It worked out well!

I don't have any pictures from our fun day in Jersey, but here's Katrina trying out watercolors for the first time yesterday. She liked them, but it was shortlived because every time I tried to take a paintbrush and add some water to the paint, she would try to take the paintbrush from me and get mad. Oh well! She'll learn.

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