Sunday, May 2, 2010

Evening Post

Katrina always wants to get in the crib. She likes to pretend she's a baby. Today I actually gave in and put her in there right before putting Daniel to bed. I tucked them in next to each other and had to take a couple of pictures because they were so dang cute!
Daniel was so tired that he just sucked his thumb and stared at her.

Daniel really likes Katrina too. He likes to stare at her and often grins at her. We like to pile on the bed and the three of us all share the same pillow and read books.
I actually got a lot of sewing done today on the yoga bag. I probably would have finished it, but I miscalculated zipper size and I need to go to Joanns tomorrow and get shorter zippers. Then I can finish the top zipper, topstitching, and then do the straps.

I'm pretty happy with it. I definitely made mistakes, but none too bad or noticeable. The one thing that bothers me is that it is smaller than I planned and it might be a little smaller than my friend wanted. It's hard to know without a yoga mat of my own.
A place for the yoga mat to slip inside.

Snaps to make it a little larger/smaller. Putting those in was a workout.

Inside zipper pocket and an extra two pockets from the brocade fabric.
Here is the picture I was working on. I'm really proud of how I was able to come up with a pattern after looking at this picture and a couple of other views of it online, as well as seeing the measurements. That's not much to go by. I hope my friend is happy with it!

A comparison. Just imagine straps!


shelly said...

The bag looks great! I'm really impressed that you were able to make up the pattern just based on what you saw. That's definitely my downfall in crafting - I can't design anything for the life of me.

I've heard, though, that you can use longer zippers on projects if you want, as long as you sew over the bottom. Is that not true or would it not work for you? I'm certainly no expert, as I have absolutely NO experience with zippers.

Jessica said...

this is sooooo awesome!!! is there anyway you could pass along what info you have on making it?? I love it!! and I love seeing your prjects, which I am sure i have told you... you are just such a talented seamstress/crafter!! (jessi sherwood)

Tasha's Life said...

Amazing, once again, Tori! Love you! I enjoyed chatting the other day!