Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Dentist visit

I was so nervous to take Katrina into the dentist today. At her visit six months ago she hated having them poke in her mouth just to look at her teeth, and today she was going to get her chipped tooth from yesterday filed down. Plus Daniel is such a fussy baby most of the time. I ended up keeping him up really long so that he would fall asleep in the car. The dentist is about three minutes from our apartment, so even though he was asleep by the time we got there I drove around for about five more minutes just to make sure. :]

The place was empty and there was a huge play area, so Katrina was happy while I filled out paperwork. A nicely dressed young guy came out and even though he looked like he would be at home in a business office, I figured he must be the doctor. He took a look at her teeth real quick and said they would just file it down a little, and while she played he discussed my concerns. It was so low-key and strange compared to most dentist visits! This is a different pediatric dentist than last time, so I didn't know what to expect.

Inside the room they had me sit her on my lap then lay back onto his lap so he could see her mouth. Katrina hates getting her teeth brushed, so I was very apprehensive. However she has always done really well at her pediatrician, probably because she's curious or something, and today was no different. She submitted meekly to her teeth being examined, poked, prodded, filed down, and even a quick sealant job since she was cooperating so well. It was awesome! I really like the dentist and it's too bad he doesn't do adult teeth too!

We were all ready to go (and it went quickly enough that Daniel was still asleep) when Katrina spotted two Woody and Buzz dolls. I immediately knew we weren't leaving without a scene. Sure enough, when I told her it was time to go she started walking out the door with Buzz in one hand, Woody in the other, and Woody's hat in her mouth. When I took them away she began one of her serious meltdowns. I just held her tightly as she thrashed and screamed. The doctor picked up Daniel's infant carrier and held the door open for us. I was a little embarrassed but mostly just grateful, plus I was so relieved that the exam had gone well that I couldn't spare much energy to be embarrassed. He carried Daniel all the way out to the car and conversed with me calmly about the bike rack while I muscled Katrina into the car and she threw herself around the entire back seat of the car (no exaggeration). After Daniel was clicked in I tried to calm her down and he went in and came back with a sucker for her. Even though I was trying not to be too embarrassed over the whole thing (since he obviously sees stuff like this all the time) I was very relieved that he went over to converse with a worker at the next-door pizza place and was able to witness me calming Katrina from her tantrum fairly quickly. What can I say, I've got practice. :]

So it all went well, Katrina's tooth is no longer in danger of slicing things, and she enjoyed her first lollipop. I let her go down for a nap with it and when she woke up I found it stuck to her pillow with a oval-shaped sticky mark on the side of her face. :]

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