Friday, May 28, 2010

Brag Post

Time for an update on my kids; i.e. lots of bragging!

Daniel seems to have cut his night wakings from 3-4 times a night to 1-2. The past three nights have all been so much better! The only downside I will mention I will just describe in two words: clogged ducts. Enough said.

He is also getting so much better about sitting up by himself! He's sitting next to me right now. I keep the boppy behind him because he regularly tips over, but he can go several minutes at a time. He's still not much of a roller, but the sitting up is great. He gets a few spoonfuls of solid food almost every day, but he really doesn't like food, so it's slow going. He loooves water though, which is why I keep trying the food. He even can hold the sippy cup by both handles and tip it up into his own mouth.

Katrina is Katrina. Crazy and cute and fun. I fell asleep on the couch two days ago and she sat on my back and bounced for 30-40 minutes. I must have been tired to be able to fall asleep with her bouncing! I think mostly I was dozing, but I think that she stopped bouncing for a few minutes and I drifted off to sleep.

We got back the evaluation numbers and they made me happy, so here they are:

Age: 25 months
Cognitive Development Age: 26 months+
Communication Development: Expressive: 20 months, Receptive: 24 months
Social/Emotional Development: 24 months (though later it says 24-30 months, so I'm just assuming 'normal' for this one)
Physical Development: Gross Motor: 26 months, Fine motor: 25+ months
Adaptive Development: 28+ months

Whoo-hoo! We've always been a little worried about Katrina's developement, since, well, she's our first kid and we don't really know what kids her age are supposed to be doing. She was such a later walker and crawler and it was nice to hear the therapist be so impressed by Katrina's running and jumping. You can tell yourself "she'll catch up, she just needs to go at her own pace" all you want, but I prefer it now that she's caught up! :] Hopefully in a year I'll be listening to her talk and thinking, "Phew, she's caught up!"

One thing that Katrina likes to do lately is use weird voices. It completely through me off guard the first time I heard her do it. I looked at Adam and said, "Does she have something in her mouth?" But no, she was just experimenting with a silly voice. We talk to each other in funny voices occasionally and it makes us both laugh. She has started to sing the ends of song lines along with us. Thank goodness for Primary songs. She loves the songs with actions, and is thrilled when I teach her a new one. It's fun because I can now sing a song like "Do as I'm Doing" or "If You're Happy and You Know It" and I play around with different actions now without that throwing her off.

Adam has decided that I need to love cycling too so we can go on family bike rides. He regularly sends me pictures like this:
I think he's roping me into trying it out on Monday, so here's hoping I can get over my fear of being on a real bike (where your feet don't touch the ground) and maybe we'll become a crazy biking family.

But I'd much rather just drive to Joanns and pick up stuff to sew cycling clothes for Adam! :] Tonight I'll be pinning and cutting the first jersey and I'm hoping to get it all put together tomorrow.

This entry will abruptly end because somehow I just stuck my finger in a diaper and then I discovered it was covered in poo.

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Jolena said...

Way to go Katrina! And good luck on the bike riding. It really is quite fun if you can get over your fear. I promise you'll do just fine. Enjoy it! Watch for gravel and otherwise you should be fine. :)