Friday, April 23, 2010

Scout campout

Adam's away for a campout tonight. :[ He was asked to put it together Wednesday and was less than enthusiastic as he had to leave tonight. The Scoutmaster is in his residency right now and can't really perform as scoutmaster anymore, so Adam is stepping up and taking over. This exact same things happened a year and a half ago, actually.

I finally got the living room cleaned. It's been messy for so long. We moved all of Katrina's toys except her play kitchen into her room two days ago and that pretty well confines the toy mess in her room and it's simpler to clean up. However, she's had two days of no nap. Soooo, we need to find some way to store the toys so that we can lock them away, or possibly face a napless Katrina every day. Hmm.

It's been a pretty productive day here cleaning-wise, but I didn't get dinner made. Oh well. Cleaning or cooking, at least I got something done. Katrina doesn't mind chicken patties and I don't mind cereal.


Jolena said...

So I didn't comment yesterday, but I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your cute new diaper ideas! Bill and I both think they are hilarious. Why not have a little bit of creative fun since you get to make them, right?

Seamingly Sarah said...

Tori - I had a question about potty training. Now that Katrina will use the toilet, what do you do about leaving the house? Can she hold it long enough to rush to a public restroom? And can she pull her pants up and down on her own? My 2 year old is showing signs of being able to use the toilet, but she can't hold it very long and hasn't tried pulling pants up and down yet. Thanks!