Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Pictures and rearranging furniture

I love rearranging our furniture. Our living room has gone through multiple iterations since we moved here almost two years ago. Today I was reflecting on the garbage pit that my living room resembles and considering whether or not to move Katrina's toys into her room to try to contain the mess in there. My brain started whirring and a I ended up changing things in the living room, Katrina's room, and our room too! My sewing stuff, which ended up scattered after we moved the crib into our room, is now in a little corner in the living room behind the couch. All of Katrina's toys except her kitchen toys are in her room. The mini elliptical machine is more accessible. The changing table is in our room. It's great!

Here are a bunch of pictures from the last few days. Katrina showing her Star Trek pride.
Daniel talking to me from the bumbo. His left hand is whacking the side over and over. He likes to whack things a lot. Right now he is nursing and pauses regularly to smile at me and hit me several times with his hand.

Getting a little more forceful in his conversation.

This is by far the cutest diaper I have made yet. It has minky fabric on the outside.

And here it is on Daniel.

I also made two other diapers with knit fabric on the outside. You have to be careful with cotton because it wicks moisture onto the outside of the diaper, but I followed a specific technique I found online and we'll see how it works.

Aren't they adorable? Animal friends and camping!

Katrina got a bathing suit, sandals, and a cover-up from her aunt for her birthday. She loves them!

She also got a tutu and new outfit. This hat is too small for her, but she loves wearing hats.

I was in the middle of cleaning her room and putting away all the old disposable diapers, and Katrina decided to help by taking things back out after I cleaned.

She also likes to take the camera and press the "button," a word that she really likes to say.

This next one is entitled "Self-portrait."


Elise said...

Hah, hah, hah! I love the self-portrait. I also love that her tutu is orange. What a fun color! You always have the cutest things for your kids (and those diapers, wow! sign me up for a minky fabric-ed piece of underclothing!)

Kimberly said...

The diaper is awesome. I love the orange tutu also. So I was wondering how the knit is working out. Is it getting damp?
I am thinking about venturing into the land of cloth diapering and am finding myself on information overload! Any recommendations on sites that are not too overwhelming for a newbie?