Monday, April 5, 2010

Our morning

I just got both kids to sleep for a nap and I'm looking back at my GoogleChat conversation with Adam and laughing. Here is most of it:

me: Daniel is taking a long nap. It feels like a switch was flipped and suddenly he's sleeping like a normal baby

adam: :D I like normal baby mode

10:55 AM me: lots of screaming and tantrums and one spanking, but altogether a good morning so far

10:57 AM she sat on the potty for a bit while I read to her--she keeps telling me she needs to poo but then refuses to sit on it, but she finally did for a little while and I read the potty book to her

11:11 AM me: Ah Adam, moments like these are so precious

11:13 AM adam: sarcasm?

11:16 AM me: I put a kleenex on the boppy for her to wipe her nose with and she leaned forward into it. When she leaned back, the kleenex was stuck to her face and we both giggled, then she walked around with it stuck to her face for awhile
sorry, had to go clean up some pee in the middle of typing--Katrina 1, Mommy 0

11:22 AM adam: :(

12:10 PM me: ahhh, she bit two holes in her tongue during that tantrum and didn't even realize it!

12:12 PM Ahh! She is making poo grunts and I'm nursing, and she won't tell me if she pooed or not!

12:13 PM adam: wow, not a good morning is she in a diaper? or training pants?

me: naked naked naked no poo, whew

screaming Daniel

12:16 PM adam: somehow you've made reviewing and rewriting a business continuity plan seem like a fun thing

12:17 PM me: haha temporary relief. Daniel is not screaming in the swing, and Katrina is eating grape nuts

So that has been my morning! It actually wasn't that bad. Daniel slept a nice nap and when he was awake he was happier. For the last two nights he has fallen asleep fairly easily and slept for 8-9 hours for his first stretch, and then 3-4 for his second. It's been blissful. Getting better sleep helps me get through the constant tantrums with Katrina. Oh, I should explain that she was naked because of some horrendous diaper rash. She gets them every few months. We're trying coconut oil, which is safe for cloth diapers, but it doesn't have the power of the normal creams. And since she's naked, I'm trying for a little bit of potty training too. She's been spending lots of time diaperless this weekend and has only had two accidents. She even took two naps naked without an accident. This girl's body is so ready for potty training, but when I suggest sitting on the potty she says "No!" very emphatically. Bleh.

I'm a little at a loss of what to do. Normally I would be scrambling to get as much sewing done as possible before the kids wake up. But I am waiting for Daniel to wake up to check his diaper and see if it leaked or not. Sadly, my all-in-ones are leaking a lot and I think I figured out why, so I made a brown one a different way, and if it works, then I'll be making six more diapers.

My apartment is a mess but I'm having the hardest time cleaning it. I get little bits and pieces cleaned up and then give up. Even though I got sleep last night I'm ready for a nap. I'm thinking of taking the 30-day Flylady challenge for cleaning. Has anyone done that? Flylady is a cleaning site. I read it once and day one of the challenge was to shine your sink. I think her objective is to teach you better cleaning habits day by day with small, workable goals. I think I might need something like that.

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Elise said...

I've heard lots of good things about the Flylady site, but I have yet to take a look at it. Maybe I'll mosey on over there and see what it's all about.

Good luck with those diapers. You're smart; I hope you've found the solution, but if you haven't, I'm sure you will in no time.