Thursday, April 8, 2010

My cute kiddos

My kids provide me with so much joy. And frustration. Mostly "Katrina, why are you crying at me again!" and "Daniel, why are you sad already, you've only been up an hour!" But mostly joy. :] I took a series of photos of both kids a few days ago.
Katrina is so fun. We make each other laugh. Any time my lower back is exposed she comes up and smacks me on the back and says, "Bum bum bum." No matter how many times I tell her that's my back, not my bum, she does that. Also, if Adam or I are changing clothes, she runs up and puts her arm between our legs at mid-thigh level and says, "Bum bum bum!" I have no idea where it came from, but it's funny.
We're doing some potty training again since we're battling a really nasty rash. I'll let you know how that goes. I bought a bunch of sweet drinks and healthy-ish but tasty snacks today, and we're going to try bribing and plopping her on a potty seat in front of the tv while loading her up on liquids.
She cries and screams and hits me a lot, but I rarely get super mad at her anymore, I just scoop her up and put her in her room. Unless she punches me in the eye. Then I get pretty upset.
Here she is telling me "again" since I was singing her a song while taking pictures.

"Clap clap clap and 1-2-3. And see how quiet they can be." Katrina asks for a book every morning after she wakes up. She just started doing that this week. It's pretty endearing. Oh, and whenever we walk into her room, she says a cute little, "Hi Mom!" or "Hi Dada!" It doesn't matter if it's the middle of the night, just after she woke up, or just after being put in her room for a timeout. It's the cutest thing. She also just learned to say "Bye-bye" instead of "bye" and uses it copiously.

She likes to push the button on the camera, so she took that picture. "Button" is one of her new words. Sometimes it comes out "butna", just like she says her cousin's name "Jordna" instead of "Jordan," but I understand her. She's doing a bit better at imitating words and learning new ones, but I'm still guessing that the doctor will want her to see a speech therapist. We have an appointment in a week on her birthday.
Daniel is a little chubbo cutey-face. He gives me big smiles and loves "talking" in his little baby baritone. He is a bit high-maintenance most of the time, however. We have to hold him standing up all the time or he gets upset, and he only likes being awake for an hour at a time, but can't always fall asleep easily. He also only naps for 45 min-1 hr at a time. Two days this week he slept for 8-9 hours at night, but then he was back to waking every 2-3 hours after an initial 5-hour stretch. It's pretty exhausting.

I have no idea how much he weighs. Our scale says 17 pounds, but for babies it can be off a pound in either direction, so he's probably between 16 and 18 pounds! He's also a tall baby it seems like.

He loves watching Katrina and is very forgiving of her when she pokes his nose and eyes on a regular basis. She also likes to push on his stomach to locate his bellybutton but he thinks that's funny.
He sure loves nursing. Katrina nursed for long periods but went hours in between feedings. He's a fast, one-side nurser but likes to eat all the time.
Here he is talking. He also likes his jumperoo and Bumbo, though his favorite seat of all is the high chair.
So I've got two very cute kids! And one cute husband, who is very obsessed with bikes these days. Between the two of us, our hobbies have set us back quite a chunk of money this month! But ultimately we are saving tons on diapers and hopefully pushing back having to get a second car, which is definitely a money-saver.


Jolena said...

I love when you write these kinds of posts because your writing is so fun to read and you really do have the cutest kids ever!

Laura said...

I love the pictures!