Saturday, April 10, 2010

More pics

Since you can never have enough pictures of cute kids:

See that bum? NO DIAPER. Yeah, it's pretty cool. Yesterday went very well until about 7 at night. Today I'm not pushing the liquids as much because frankly she was antsy all day yesterday because she always had to pee, so we'll see how it goes. The method advocates doing night training at the same time as day training and I have my doubts about that part of it working, but I figure I'd better do it as written before buying pullups or whatever.

I feel like all the pictures I post of Katrina are of her watching tv, but that's because that's the only time she sits still long enough for a pictures! And the potty training "expert" recommends avoiding harsh punishments like timeouts during training (yesterday our one day accident was during a timeout), so I'm trying to avoid tantrums by letting Katrina do whatever she wants (within reason). So...lots of tv. Bleh.

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Jolena said...

Good luck! It sounds like yesterday was an awesome day for potty training. I hope this one is just as great. You can do it!