Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Happy Birthday Katrina

Today is Katrina's birthday! I can hardly believe the progress my little girl has made over the last two years. I decided (after Tori told me I have to post to day) to be a little more contemplative than I usually am. So, here is the "Katrina James, this is your life" that has just passed through my mind (of course it comes entirely from a father's perspective).

I remember the moment I found out Tori was pregnant. I came home late from church doing some ward clerky assignment, and within minutes Tori told me I should go to the bathroom. While finding this an odd request (read: demand), I obediently complied. Before I could do my business there, however I saw sitting on the counter a pregnancy test. Somehow I knew how to decode the mysterious lines, and stood there for a moment taking it in... but Tori was a little impatient, and was jumping or dancing ... or something and started cheering. I cried.

I remember during the pregnancy we walked a couple of times to the doctor's office. I don't really remember why, but we did. Tori inevitably needed to pee before we got home, but there were VERY limited options on the route we took. When I found out you were a girl, I smiled and couldn't be happier.

The day you were born was a hot one (it was in the 90s, but the next day it snowed). I had to finish writing a paper for my Economic Growth class, and I no longer finished than Tori told me it was time to go to the hospital (fortunately, her mother was taking care of her in my absence). We got settled in at the hospital, I mailed the taxes, and at 9:41pm Katrina was born. I cried a little again. In the picture above I had the experience of filing the hospital admission paperwork for Katrina, specifying for the first time that I was her father... so weird feeling at the time. She was everything I could hope for. I had no idea what I was getting into (and knew it at the time), and was basically taken aback by EVERYTHING.

Katrina started growing like a weed. We graduated, moved across the country, and got settled in with the lives on non-students. Before we knew it, Katrina could hold her head up, roll, and make all manner of cute noises (with the obligatory wetness that comes with said noises). Here she is on her Mommy having some much needed tummy time.

Here's a confession. The only family picture we have is this one. It's pretty sad that our only professional photos are over a year old and missing one family member. Katrina by this time (January) was able to sit up, and stand with help from Mom or Dad. She could start wearing shoes, and the wetness became even worse. Bibs were a part of her everyday clothing.

This is Katrina's first birthday. We celebrated it at my parents house, and she LOVED her first piece of cake. Thankfully, Katrina is a very neat eater (usually), and did not get it all over the place. Here she is with her two favorite things: Nana and her blanket. She's had that blanket since the day she was born, and it has become so invaluable that we now own two and may be in the market for a third if we can find someone who still has it in stock. Still couldn't walk, but she sure knew how to cruise.

I love this picture. Katrina finally learned how to walk... and then crawl (kinda had it backwards there, sweetie). Every day it seemed she was growing into a larger diaper, moving out of her crib into a toddler bed, running around the house, and making me baby-proof everything. She finally started entering the stage where the house had to be ready for kids (over a year after she was born). She also began recognizing me coming home by the car, and got excited.

And now here she is. Two years old. She can walk, talk (kind of), and is potty-trained. I can't believe that the baby I saw in the hospital is now the little girl who runs to give me a hug every morning when I go to her room, and screams "Dada!" when I come home from work. She really has grown so much. Sometimes it feels like 2 minutes. Other times it feels like 2 decades (goodness the terrible twos can be awful!)

Birthday's are great. They're a day dedicated to people saying they're glad you're alive. I love my birthday. But right now, I just want to express my love for my daughter, and the thankfulness I have that I have her. She is one of the largest, shiniest jewels in my life.

Happy birthday, Katrina.


lizkachu said...

Aww that is very sweet :) It's nice to hear the words of of loving father. Someday she'll look back and appreciate them even more.

I love you!

lsj said...

Dads are wonderful and daughters love them. :)

Jeff & Chels & Brooklynn said...

What a cute birthday post. I love it!