Sunday, April 25, 2010

Geekiness Extraordinaire

Okay, so my geekiness has reached new heights. I made this diaper out of a Star Trek t-shirt. I ended up appliqueing the Enterprise from the front of the shirt onto the fabric from the back of the shirt. And then I painted a few extra touches on the wings of the diaper. If you're not savvy in Star Trek insignia, those four dots signify a Captain. :]

I like the above picture because it looks like the Enterprise is literally flying off of the diaper. But the one below is a little truer to what it looks like, if a bit blurry.

Unfortunately, my other super-geeky diaper didn't turn out so well. I'm going to try to fix it with some black fabric paint, but I need to let it dry first. Don't worry; it will be ready in time for the LOST season finale in a few weeks.

And now I'm off to bed! Here's hoping Daniel will sleep better than last night, when he woke up at 9:30, 12:00, 1:00, and 4:30.


Jolena said...

I love it them! It was fun to talk to you last night. We'll have to do that again soon.

lsj said...

Your creativity never fails to amaze me. Cute, cute!

Cindy said...

How could Adam not love the Star Trek and Lost diaper? He'd be crazy not too. I'm jealous. I wish my underwear was this cool;)