Thursday, April 29, 2010

First shared bathtime!

I so desperately wish I had been able to take a picture tonight when I gave the kids their first combined bath, but I couldn't step away for the camera. Here was my sequence of events:

Adam leaves for home teaching
I change Daniel into his nighttime diaper and decided he needs a bath because of the gunk in his neck
Katrina tells me she needs to go to the bathroom, so I deposit a naked Daniel in his crib and help her
She had already pooed
So I put her in the tub with the water running, then run over to put water in Daniel's tub.
I run back to check on Katrina and she has turned the water to the cold side so it's freezing. I let the water out of the tub.
I go get Daniel's tub, full of water, and put it inside her tub
I get Daniel, who was screaming and naked this whole time.
Katrina turns on the showerhead and I barely get it turned off in time before Daniel gets hit by the water
They proceed to have a very fun combined bath and both kids enjoy it.

Whew! Are you as exhausted reading that as I am from doing it?

So I'm going to post another post tonight with all of the fun diapers I've done. It's not meant to be overkill, it's simply so I can show them off in a few blog link parties without linking all the diaper posts from the last week. I'm done with diapers for now. I have a yoga bag to make for a friend. Last night and today I worked on a very simple but super cute project that I can't share yet because it's a gift! Those are my favorite kinds of projects--simple but cute!

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