Thursday, April 29, 2010

Diaper show off

Readers of my blog this last week have seen my current project--a handful of super-cute cloth diapers for my almost-five-month-old son. Here is the round up (which include a couple new ones at the end for you faithful readers). I now have 16 diapers for him in his current size, half of them functional red and blue, and half of them with fun fabrics and prints.

First of all, a soft minky diaper. I love how soft this one is, and I think it's Adam's favorite one.
Happy baby.
Little animals and camping diaper in honor of his Scoutmaster daddy!
The backs.
I experimented with fabric paint on some of the diapers I had already made and the results were great.
Star Trek diaper made from a Star Trek t-shirt using applique on the back and paint on the front.
I love the U.S.S. Enterprise on the back.
LOST diaper made with fabric paint.
A cute Russian fabric as a nod to my interest in Russia. (I minored in Russian and spent three months there on Study Abroad for those of you who didn't know).
The back.
And finally, my fun patchwork diaper made from patching together PUL from all of the other diapers I made. I took pictures of it when it was finished too, but the colors were funny in the photograph, so am posting some pictures from before I quite finished (it still needed topstitching and some velcro at this point).
This diaper took way too much effort! PUL is so hard to work with when you're trying to make 1/8 inch and 1/4 inch seams! All the seams are encased seams for extra waterproofing.

So there you go! My fun diaper project. I'm done for now, but I'm pretty excited for when Daniel goes up a size in diapers because I'll have an excuse to make even more fun ones. :]

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Lauren said...

I love the Harry Potter one! So cute!

Fresh Poppy Sisters said...

I love the super hero ones! cute baby!

Momza said... could make money selling these...Etsy Shop???

Michelle said...

I think the Star Trek diaper is my favorite. :-) What a fun project.

Leslie said...

these are awesome. i love the minky one

Mary said...

These are so cute! I love the LOST diaper - hilarious!!!

TheBlackForrist said...

I'm super impressed! I just recently found a tutorial on making diapers, but yours look way better, my son has almost grown out of his, 9 months and already 25 lbs... Are you using a pattern?

Kimberly said...

Lovely diapers! I second the above comment, are you using a particular pattern?

trish said...

Oh my goodness - those are just too cute!
Sincerely ~ Trish

KQuiltyBee said...

Too cool!

Anonymous said...

These are absolutely adorable!!! I LOVE the Star Trek diaper!

pinksuedeshoe said...

OK, who knew that diapers could be so cute! I love the star trek one, and the Russian one. I lived in Moscow for a year teaching English and I LOVED it!

Rene' said...

Very creative. Thanks for sharing!

aleatha said...

Tori, what kind of velcro did you use and how is it holding up? I used Touchtape and it totally unraveled after 2-3 washes. I had laundry tabs on them and everything. Any advice for me? I bought some nice snaps and put them on a few covers but Abraham's legs are kind of skinny and the snaps just aren't quite as adjustable as the velcro.

And you should totally make custom/themed cloth diapers on etsy!

Sew It UP! said...

Star Trek Rules! Very cool indeed :o)