Saturday, April 17, 2010

Birthday Party!

As I've been uploading all of these pictures I've been listening to the faint sounds coming from Katrina's room: "You're my favorite deputy....There's a snake in my boot...Yee-haw cowboy!" Katrina is having fun with one of her birthday toys.

We celebrated my birthday too because it's in a week and a half. I'll be 24!
Emily, Adam's sister, is a talented cake decorator. We decided that since Katrina loves Toy Story, she should have a Toy Story-themed cake. And what better than to create the scene that elicites the best reaction from her every time? "Uh oh. Oh no! Mom! Mom! Oh no!"

The two kids were awesome at their little table. One of the cutest moments of the entire day was when Jordan said, "Hi Katrina" and Katrina answered from across the table, "Hi Jordan." She just barely started saying his name last week. Oh, and another accomplishment today was that she started counting (to 2, but still!). She was trying to get Adam to roll down her window. Her counting went like this: "One, do, one, down!" or "One, do, one, window!" I tried to get her to say three, but she didn't quite get that down.

The rest of the family.

My cute daughter!

So Katrina seemed to like her cake. The first thing she did was pick up the traffic cone and start eating off the icing and fondant. Later on I peeled off the fondant and gave her ice cream in the cone.
She almost burned her fingers and nose while blowing out candles--yeah she's still a little too young.
Close-up on Mr. Potato Man. Do you like the gum on his shoe?
Katrina was thrilled at her Woody doll. "Woody! Woody!" She waited patiently while Nana got him out of the box. Do you like her tutu?
She absolutely loved the Woody doll and I got to replace his hat for her all evening.
I got lots of gifts too! I requested gift cards and will now be happily shopping my little heart out these next few weeks. I need clothes sooo badly. I also was thinking this morning, "I wish I hadn't told them I just want clothes because I would really love a gift certificate to Joann fabrics too." Well guess what? I got a gift certificate for Joanns as well as some for clothes stores and Barnes and Noble too, so I'm really happy.
You like Katrina's outfit?
We blew up the bouncer and let the kids go to town!

Here are the other cute kids in our family. Here is Jared, the mellowest, cutest little 10-month-old.
Jordan, in the middle of a jump.
And Daniel, chilling in the chair yesterday while I read some books to him.
So that was our fun day! Hope you enjoyed the plethora of pictures! Oh, and Katrina liked her quilt and pillow too. Especially the pillow. :]

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Jolena said...

oh my gosh, what cute pictures and a cute party and Katrina is so adorable and so big! Thanks for sharing. Have fun with your gift certificates and happy early birthday! I was packing up all my clothes yesterday and realized I only have like 6 or 7 short-sleeved shirts. Oops. Better get shopping! :)