Sunday, April 11, 2010

Big girls, ears, and shingles

No accidents today, not even during naptime! Sorry you all have to get the continual potty update, but it's pretty much the most exciting thing going on here.

Daniel has decided he likes grabbing on to his ears. It's pretty cute. I took some pictures last night before and during bathtime.
(The changing pad usually has a cover, but he had peed on it earlier, lovely child).
This is his coy pose.

We had a pretty nice day, but Adam is feeling under the weather. His symptoms seem to match a diagnosis of shingles--not fun, and very painful! He's going to the doctor tomorrow, though he really doesn't want to because he wants to ride his bike to work for the first time.
We moved Daniel's crib to our room because he was far too big and cramped in the pack n play and the bassinet. We were really hoping to avoid this (it was so nice to have our room back last night when we went to bed--we could turn on the light!), but he is just waking up way too often. The first time Katrina woke up as well, used the bathroom, and went back to sleep happily. The second time she started crying. So after that I kept him in with us and he slept the rest of the night happily in our bed. Anyway, we rearranged furniture in our room and it all fits, but we had to put away the keyboard. Not too big of a deal, since we rarely had the opportunity to play it, but a little sad. The other bummer is that my sewing corner is now scattered around the room, but Adam can get into his side of the bed easier and the furniture works out better.
In between when I started and ended this blog post we endured a horrible bedtime! I said to Adam, "We have awful children! I'm in the middle of writing a post about how great they are but they're awful!" Luckily Katrina is now in her room now kicking her wall for fun and Daniel stopped grunting, so maybe he actually fell asleep, but rest assured that it was awful. Phew. Kids are cute, but cuter when they are sleeping.

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Jaime said...

Definitely the cutest when they're sleeping!!!