Saturday, March 6, 2010

Playground fun

This morning we decided to get out of the house but were faced with the dilemma of every Saturday morning--what to do? It's such a nice day, though still chilly, and I didn't want to go anywhere that would require Katrina to be in a stroller. I went online and found a really cool park only a few minutes away from us. It was one of those cool parks made especially for toddlers and preschoolers. Katrina had a lot of fun. I guess she was tired though, because she started having meltdown after meltdown, brought on by the fact we didn't want her to climb up the slides while other kids were coming down, and we wouldn't let her play with another kid's bike. So we had to leave while she wailed in protest. Why is my kid always louder than everyone else's kid? She's the loudest one in Sacrament meeting too. Sigh. Just a year ago she would happily sit through all of Sacrament meeting, but now she has to be taken out at least three times. You know how everyone always says, "Well don't make it fun when she is taken out, make her sit there and not play, and then she'll want to go back to the meeting." Wrong. She'll scream out of the chapel or in the chapel!

Not much has happened this week. I sew in my scant free time with both kids sleeping. Adam slogs through work. Katrina and Daniel continue to be quite cute. Oh, and I made dinner every day this week! I made a menu of 25 meals and each week before I go shopping I pick six or so meals for the week. Most of the meals are of the quick and easy variety, and about half of them are new recipes. So far all of them except one have gotten the thumbs-up from Adam to add to our monthly menu. We had so much food that I had enough for lunch every day this week and on Friday we actually had a leftover night. I have a variety of meats and one meatless dish each week. It's great! I'd like to learn to coupon a bit to save more money, but I definitely will have to wait until I'm done making these cloth diapers. I'm also hoping that by making a rotating menu like this I'll be able to be better at doing food storage. Adam has been cooking once a week too.

Well I am currently picking cradle cap off of Daniel's head and he is getting antsy, so I gotta go!

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