Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Pair of sickies

A cold has hit us again, following a familiar pattern--Adam gets hit hard and suddenly and has a miserable few days. I get hit gradually and at first I think it's not too bad, but a few days later I get the worst part and then I deal with the lingering cold for a week or two. At least that's how it usually is. We're only on day two, so it might still surprise me. Adam missed two days of work and is laying around feeling migrainy and miserable. I've just got a few symptoms but it's enough to make me not too happy.

Sewing or thinking about sewing has consumed me. Mostly it's because we have a dwindling package of disposable diapers for each kid and I just can't stomach having to buy more. They are so expensive and each package is done so quickly. I only have 16 diapers done though, so I need to hurry so that I'm not doing laundry every day or running out. I want to finish them in March so that in April I can finish Katrina's quilt. Luckily diapers aren't too difficult to make, especially when I make them assembly-line style, as long as I find time when both kids are asleep.

So if I'm fairly quiet at blogging this month, you'll know why--there's only so many pictures of diapers you want to see!

Okay, both kids are crying at me now and Katrina is yelling, "Mooooom!" so I need to go take care of things.

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