Sunday, March 14, 2010

My Sunday Afternoon

So I guess the key to a well-behaved Katrina in Sacrament meeting is to let her bring her blanket in and to feed her yogurt-covered raisins. It was a mild meeting compared to most, and Daniel sat in his seat for much of it it smiling and cooing, which made it even better. The talk was interesting, especially when the sister starting talking about how her phone lines are being tapped and how she insisted on holding her adopted daughter in the circle when she was blessed. But I still enjoyed being able to sit there and listen!

I tried to nap but couldn't fall asleep, so instead I got these diapers two-thirds of the way done.
Last night I finished a project that started a long time ago--Katrina's word book.

She likes it so far. Hopefully it will spur an increase in her vocabulary.

This is what my afternoon looked like once the kids both woke up from their lengthy naps.

Close-up on Adam in the background battling the beginnings of a migraine:

And another picture from last night of Daniel trying out a bumbo seat for the first time.
So that was my afternoon!

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