Monday, March 1, 2010

My cute kids

Katrina keeps insisting that Daniel sit next to her while she is watching tv. He likes the lights and sounds too, so they were both riveted. If he gets fussy and I move him, she insists I put him back. It's pretty cute. They also sat next to each other while I read them several books, and both kids seemed to love it. I'm glad my kids like each other so much!


lsj said...

We love to see your pictures Tori. Dad loves Daniel's ties. Finding his thumb may be just what he needs.

Sarah said...

I love how much they enjoy each other. We keep toying with the idea of second child and it warms my heart to see your oldest love your youngest that much.

On another note I finished the quilted color baby book. Check it out at Thanks again for letting me link to yours!

Elise said...

You need to give up words like "cute" and replace them with words like "adorable" or "can't-take-your-eyes-off-'em". Much more accurate.