Sunday, March 7, 2010

Katrina quirks

I am so exhausted. I have been exhausted since we got home from church but Daniel decided to take his long afternoon nap with several snack breaks and I also wanted to spend childless time talking to my husband, so I didn't nap. Eight o'clock arrived and both kids were asleep, and I kept trying to fall asleep but Adam wouldn't let me because he knew I would wake up at 2 wide awake and miserable. So now it is ten o'clock and I am going to be in that bed the moment Adam is off the phone! Don't know why I am quite this exhausted--we've had two night in a row where Daniel has slept for 7-8 hours straight (in the swing). But unfortunately those hours don't coincide when I go to bed and wake up!

I thought I would mention a few of Katrina's quirky things she does these days:

-Anything messy or slightly disgusting is "Ewwww!" Yesterday she added "Yuh!" (Yuck.) She was standing on the toilet yesterday (yes, I allow her to do this all the time), and a spider suddenly crawled across the top. I shrieked and grabbed her away, then immediately tried to calm down because I don't want to make her afraid of spiders just because I don't like them. She kept running back into the bathroom yelling "Ewww! Yuh!" Today something set her off in church and she started yelling it in the middle of Sacrament meeting. Luckily she is getting better at regulating her volume and when I shushed her she switched to a normal tone. Yesterday she was eating lunch and spilled a drink, and yelled "Ew!!" over and over until I paid attention and brought her a paper towel, with which she busily mopped it up.

-I bought Daniel some new jumpers (I almost only dress him in those full bodysuits because I hate dealing with socks and babies! He only wears cute outfits when we go out of the house). I took one out of the package and left the other two still in the package and on the floor in Katrina's room. During her naptimes every day she empties drawers, moves things around, and basically creates a mess. I noticed later on that the other two jumpers were in the hamper and the cardboard and packaging was spread around the floor, but I just figured Adam took them out. Nope. It was Katrina. I'm amazed she managed to unwrap them from the cardboard AND put them in the hamper!

-She knows she has a backup blanket and that we keep it in the hall closet. Sometimes she stands outside the closet and demands it, though I don't give in. It gives her the greatest pleasure in the world to find the extra blanket (I sometimes try to hide the dirty one in her hamper but she finds it every time) and carry both around, her thumbs each covered in a blanket so she can alternate which one she sucks. Strangely, she doesn't mind when she sees me washing them.

-She's picking up a lot of words, but it takes a parent to distinguish between "No" (no), "No" (nose), and "no" (snow), or between "badet" (blanket) and "badet" (sippy cup). She catches me off guard sometimes with what she says--today we left the apartment for church and she ran to the wrong exit and said "This way!" fairly clearly. I thought maybe I was imagining it, but since that's a phrase we say a lot, I'm sure she was actually saying it.

-Maybe it's just because this has been a frustrating month, but Adam and I have both said our share of "Dangit!" an awful lot lately. Every time, Katrina repeats, "Dit!" I added too much soy sauce to a recipe and out of my mouth came a forceful, "Dangit dangit dangit!" Then I heard, "Dit dit dit!" It was pretty cute, and I'm glad that's the worst thing that she hears me say!

-She's obsessed with Daniel and baby dolls and loves to do to them what Mommy and Daddy do to babies. She feeds her doll, pats it on the back, puts it in the swing. Today she appropriated a baby doll from the little girl in front of us at church and instead of folding her own arms during the prayer, she folded the doll's arms. She gets a huge kick out of when I make Daniel do things like wave, or do the motions for Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes, and then she likes to manipulate his hands too. Oh, and I never leave her alone with him when he's not in the swing or bassinet or somewhere out of immediate reach (though she has started pushing a stool next to the pack n play and climbing in) because she likes him so much and seems to think things like squishing his tummy with her hands is fun (he thought so too, at least). I put him on her bed the other day and she grinned and tried to straddle him and sit on his stomach and bounce like she does anytime Adam or I sit on the floor (I tried doing Pilates once while she was awake--never again!).

This is way long since Adam is still on the phone, but I am done, even though I could probably share more. Okay, one last thing. We don't read books much lately because she prefers to look at them herself than to have me read them, so she pretty much just gets one book a night before bed. Tonight we sat her down on her chair and just read books to her for almost half an hour. It was very sweet. We decided to do that every night from now on. Right before bedtime she is at her most receptive to books, and by reading to her in her chair instead of in her room, she actually sat and listened instead of rocking on her horse or jumping on the bed. There's nothing wrong with shaking up the routine every now and again!

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Seamingly Sarah said...

I remember that exhausted feeling when my daughter was a newborn. I can't even imagine having a toddler and a newborn while feeling that tired. Sometimes it felt like I was running on empty and would just get used to it. Other times it feel like something had to break, that it was eating away at my soul. Sleep is very needed sometimes. I hope you find your sleep soon!