Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Tomorrow is April Fools Day, but it is also the anniversary of our engagement. That's right, we got engaged on April Fools Day four years ago. It was also General Conference. Adam proposed to me between sessions after we ate french toast in our pajamas. It was sweet. :] Then he went and failed a math test. Wouldn't you have too? A couple weeks later he suprised me with the ring. BYU was having a campus-wide Easter Egg hunt and it was Adam's fervent goal to find one of the eggs. So when we went on a walk around campus and he "found" an egg, I completely fell for it and couldn't believe it when there was a beautiful ring inside!

I am done with cloth diapers for now. I have another yard of waterproof fabric and stuff cut out to make seven more diapers, but our washing machine is so small that I have to do laundry every night anyway, and we definitely have enough diapers for one day. I'm still working out some leak issues but after a few more washes I think they'll be gone. If not, I'll cry.

So with that project done (my goal was to be done at the end of March, and I actually made it!), I am working on Katrina's quilt. Her birthday is in two weeks. I really overestimated how much I had left. Last night I sewed the two borders and today I ironed everything and pinned together the front and the back. All that's left is the quilting and the binding. The quilting is actually going to be really easy, just a bunch of straight lines. I probably could have gotten half of it done tonight, but I went visiting teaching and shopping, and I got back pretty late. So I'm just snacking on skittles now and thinking about sewing. I think I definitely deserve a break and an early bedtime tonight. And just so you know, this quilt is going to be really cute. I'm going to make a matching pillow to go along with it since I still have two weeks left.

Tomorrow I'll have to take a diaper stash picture, and when the quilt is done, hopefully in just a couple of days, I'll definitely have tons of pictures, since I'm pretty proud of myself. :]

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Seamingly Sarah said...

It feels so great to get sewing projects done. You should be proud! And I think it is extremely awesome of you to tackle diapers. You are the mom!