Saturday, February 6, 2010

Snow pics #2

Unsure about the snow.
Really unsure about walking in it.
Walking around in Daddy's arms.

"Enjoying" the snow up close.

Back up in a secure place.

Off to explore.
Daniel thought it was interesting for a couple minutes, but didn't like my putting him down to get a picture.
And back again!
This is what Adam did while they were out there. She thought it was hilarious.
Poor car, only halfway cleaned off.
Did I mention it's still snowing?


Tasha's Life said...

Holy Cow! Snow!! Wow! Have fun!

Elise said...

I cannot believe you have gotten so much snow this year! We're practically in Michigan and have the so-called lake effect, and we still haven't gotten as much snow as you guys.

It looks like you know how to enjoy the snow. It's kind of fun to be snowed in, but I'm anxious to hear about what is going to happen with the baby blessing!

Momza said...

Oh my...that is alot alot!!
My kids would love it if we got that much snow! We got snow all day..but it didn't even accum. more than an inch.
Your babies are adorable!

Seamingly Sarah said...

Look at all that snow! I sure wish it was snowing like that a little further north. Others may not like the snow storm, but we're a skiing family and we can't stand to stay inside on the weekends!