Sunday, February 14, 2010

Screaming toddlers

There's so much fun in watching Katrina get older. Seeing her play with her cousin instead of just next to him is one of those things. Yesterday I almost died at the cuteness when Katrina and Jordan had both climbed up on the piano bench and were sitting next to each playing the piano. Also, she played almost a complete scale, which bodes well for her musical future. :]

But man, the negative things that come with toddlerhood are really wearing on me. Removing her from Sacrament meeting three times each Sunday. Fighting with her to change her diaper or brush her teeth--not all the time, just when she suddenly decides those tasks are torturous. And dealing with The Scream. She says everything in a yelling voice and has for awhile, and I'm used to that. But this week she has started screaming for no reason. Just looks at me and screams. Ugh. She ripped off one of the childproof locks this week after screaming and pulling on the cabinet doors until the stress broke the lock. I think it was because she wanted more Cheerios. Here's something equally frustrating but more funny--I sometimes put her in training pants instead of diapers. I did this on Friday and she then brought me a potty book and wanted me to read it. Normally these days I start reading and then she grabs it and runs away, but this time she let me read it all the way through, then wanted it again, then a third time. I had a sudden inkling, and glanced at her pants. Yep. During the third time through, she peed. Lovely.

In good news, I got most of the highliter off the walls using rubbing alcohol. Nail polish remover got some of it off the rocking horse. The wall needs a little touch-up paint but is much better. The wallpaper will never be the same though!

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Cindy said...

Yay! I'm glad you were able to get most of it off. Maybe Mr. Clean Magic eraser can get it off of the wall paper.