Friday, February 26, 2010


I'm feeling super restless. I've got plenty of things to do but can't quite get up the energy to do them, from sewing to cooking to cleaning. Daniel's sleeping, Katrina is in her room on Nap Attempt #2, which is also going to be a failure I think, and even if she did fall asleep I would have to wake her up early and that would make her cranky. So I'm keeping her in there so I can have more quiet time to myself, but it's probably not a good idea because I'm just sitting here feeling restless and my mind is racing. Ugh.

It's been a tough week. Again! Glad today is Friday. This week I've been both working on Katrina's quilt squares sporadically and researching and starting my cloth diaper endeavor. Last night I made a fleece soaker (cover that goes over the diaper and is water resistant). I didn't realize the pattern didn't have seam allowances, so it's a bit snug. Katrina thought it was fun. I bought a bunch of cute flannel and suedecloth to make diapers, and I bought microfiber auto cloths at Walmart to make the inner soaker to stuff the diapers with to absorb the liquid. I'm waiting on some other stuff to come in the mail, like PUL, FOE, Aplix, elastic. Okay, now you're just shaking your head and thinking, what? That's all right. Just know that I'm having a fun time filling my plate with things I don't necessarily have the time or energy for but have decided to do anyway!

If your babies are good sleepers, can you just send that positive energy our way? Katrina was a breeze compared to Daniel. He's great during the day, but has such a hard time falling asleep and staying asleep at night, no matter how we get him to sleep or where he is sleeping.

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Jolena said...

I'm sending my good mo jo Daniel's way. Sleep, baby, sleep!