Thursday, February 4, 2010

Quilt Preview

I went out last night and finished buying some fabric for a quilt. This will be Katrina's birthday quilt. I wish this picture showed how vibrant these colors are but I just am not very good at photography.
And here is the fabric I bought that inspired the colors of the quilt. Aren't these frogs cute?
So this will be Katrina's quilt. I am very excited to start making it.
Speaking of being bad at photography, I just took around fifty pictures of Daniel, trying to get a full on shot of his face for a late Christmas present that I haven't shown on here yet. Kids are horrible to photograph! I have no idea how people ever get shot of babies that aren't blurry. I did get a few, but none with a big smile on his face that was useable. This one was pretty cute:
I also tried to take a picture of Katrina because I need one of her too, but I'm just going to have to use an older photo because she got on her rocking horse and all the pictures looked like this, except with more blurriness and motion for most of them:


Jolena said...

Your quilt is going to be SO cute! These are really cute pictures of Daniel and Katrina. What cuties you have!

Seamingly Sarah said...

It's going to be so cute!