Sunday, February 28, 2010

Pictures for the week

This afternoon was almost surreal. Daniel was asleep from the moment we got home from church. Katrina went straight down for a nap and played awhile, then finally slept. Adam and I ate lunch and then he crashed. So I spent over two hours sewing uninterrupted. It was awesome! Here are a few kid pictures and a few craft pictures.
Katrina building towers.
Daniel, probably getting tired of having to share this seat with this strange doll.

Adam expressed a desire for Daniel to have Sunday clothes. I really don't want to deal with difficult outfits, so I suggested an appliqued tie onesie. This was the result!

And here it is on the boy. He was excellent at church today and fell asleep without a fuss. He's fallen asleep on his own without a swing three naptimes in the past two days and we're hoping the trend continues and extends into the night. He also just discovered his thumb.
I have another one ready that just needs the applique finished.
And here is the quilt top that I sewed together today! I still need to sew some pink fabric and blue fabric around the outside, but that involves cutting tons of long strips, which I hate doing, so that will probably not happen for awhile.
Here's another angle.

And finally, my other project from family naptime:

My first diaper! It's done except the velcro, which I don't have yet.

Green flannel on the outside, blue $1 fleece blanket on the inside so I didn't waste any nice suedecloth on my first diaper. Stuffed with a microfiber towel. Now that the kids are up I can try it on them. It was even more eerie when everyone woke up within three minutes of each other, right as I was uploading pictures.


Seamingly Sarah said...

You are awesome!

Elise said...

I am such a fan of everything: the ties, the diapers, and especially the quilt. I love what you did with the quilt blocks. I don't know how your mind works like that, but everything you come up with is really well done.