Wednesday, February 17, 2010

New schedule

Daniel has fallen into a new schedule: Wake at 7:30, eat. Stay awake for an hour or a little more. I put him in the swing. He sleeps for four hours! Then he eats/plays/sleeps, eating every two hours until 6 or 7. Then he eats every hour or hour and a half until 10:30, after which we finally get him to sleep either in the bassinet or on Adam in the living room. He wakes once or twice in the night and the schedule starts again the next day at 7:30. Whew! Certain parts of the day are exhausting. Right now, I just stuck Katrina in her room for a nap and I'm waiting for him to wake up. Oh, and our exciting development was that the other night, Daniel actually fell asleep by himself in his bassinet, instead of in the swing, nursing, or on Adam's chest. We haven't replicated it since then, but just the fact that it happened once made us excited.

Today stinks, entirely because last night Adam had a meeting and we decided to wait to watch LOST until tonight. I'm really struggling right now--both kids are asleep, we have two computers just staring at me saying, ""

I've made small progress on Katrina's quilt. I have 9 fabrics to cut out and have finished 7 of them. Once the cutting is complete, I'm hoping the sewing will go quickly.

Well, I've got to go eat quickly because Daniel is waking up (I think).

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