Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Little Smarty

Yesterday Katrina didn't take a nap. After being in her room for a couple of hours she knocked and I let her out. I was surprised when she greeted me at the door with a lightbulb in her hand--the very same lightbulb she took from the nightlight and I took away from her a month ago! Well, when I cleaned the bathroom lasy week I put her potty seat in her room, and she had used it as a stool to get into the changing table drawer and fish around inside. Luckily the lightbulb was the most dangerous item she found.

She also has been using her lion ride-on toy as a stool. She pushes it around to her desired location, then climbs up on the seat. And once again we have to baby-proof the next level up! She recently became tall enough to reach inside drawers in the kitchen, so I've moved scissors and things higher.

I stuck Daniel in the high chair today when he started crying while I was making lunch, and he was pretty happy. He sat there while Katrina and I ate, and I think Katrina was a little weirded out by that, but she takes it all in stride.

It's fun to do new things that surprise Katrina. Today I exercised on the elliptical for the first time in months. Katrina stood right in front of me looking up and talking. She thought it was pretty cool. Then I tried to do Pilates. First she tried to pull me up to follow her somewhere, and then she decided to sit on my lower stomach. That wasn't too bad. But then she started to bounce! I quickly ended my workout and will finish tonight!
We are supposed to get dumped on with more snow tonight. Hopefully Adam will be able to get our car cleared out tomorrow so he can get to work. Trading doesn't stop, even if Philadelphia is snowbound!

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