Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Kick in the bum

I really need someone to give me a swift kick in the bum to get up and do something. Usually I at least have gotten something done by three in the afternoon, but not today. Oh wait, I folded some clothes and ran the dishwasher. But that's all.

My parents are coming tomorrow! They will be in town for Daniel's baby blessing on Sunday. Adam's birthday is this weekend too, so I need to think about that. Right now I am staring at the pile of random papers on the side table next to me and at the scattering of random things on the floor in front of me. Toys, stuffed animals, a reusable nursing pad that I probably don't want to reuse any more, a little kitchen clip to close bags, post-its that I gave Katrina to play with, some random reciepts, fabric that used to cover the coffee table, etc. . . I told myself all morning that as soon as the kids were both napping I would start tidying and that my motivation would catch up with me. Well, Daniel has pretty much only spent an hour awake today and Katrina has been asleep for an hour and a half, and all I've done is eat lunch and look at pretty fabric online.

Adam stayed home from work yesterday. This cold hit him much harder than it hit me. He did as much work from home as he could in the afternoon, but the entire morning he just slept on the couch because he was so miserable. Today he felt well enough to go into work, luckily. I always enjoy having him home, even if he's sick, so that was nice. Then we watched the premier of the final season of LOST and I also watched a little of American Idol because I have a high school friend who auditioned (and made it through to Hollywood!).

K, I'm going to clean up the side table next to me. Maybe more productivity will follow. Tonight I'm hoping Adam will feel well enough for me to leave him with the kids and go get errands done so I can have some away-from-the-house time.

Whoops, Daniel's awake. Guess that tidying will have to wait!


Elise said...

Let's see. . .it's 4:00 out here and all I've done is a few dishes and made some bread.

I'm right with you. Sometimes a kick in the rear is what it takes for me, too!

I hope you all heal quickly from your cold. Colds are nasty.

Cindy said...

I think you and Adam got me and Casey hooked on LOST. What did you think?

Jolena said...

have fun with Mom and Dad! Wish I could be there too. What friend of yours is on American Idol?