Friday, February 19, 2010

Finally the weekend

This is the week that would never end! It just dragged all week. Was it really only four work days? It felt so much longer.

Adam is dealing with lots of stress at work. He is wiped out every day. We're both tired, even though Daniel's crying has diminished significantly and he falls asleep easier after feedings. But sleep just isn't as refreshing when it's broken up.

Last night Daniel slept all evening for the first time in weeks, which meant I could finally devote a large chunk of time to sewing. I have 18 out of 24 blocks sewn now. I hope to finish the rest tonight and sew them together tomorrow.

We made a menu and shopped from it this week, so I hope it works well for dinner. I need to go work on that now.


Elise said...

Oh, a menu for the week--you're so on top of it.

I'm sorry your week dragged on. That is quite a pain. Hopefully this week will be better! And hooray that Daniel is sleeping for longer stretches. What a relief for you.

Seamingly Sarah said...

We started the menu planning/shopping too about a year ago. It is the only way I have found to save money on groceries. I continue to under estimate what we need for fruit though! =)