Monday, February 1, 2010

Coat Rack

Over the past week I've been mulling over a couple of additions to Katrina's room--some little wall shelves for books and a coat rack of some sort. I've considered different options and browsed the web. I finally found some shelves at Ikea but they are out of stock at our store, so that will have to wait. For the coat/towel rack, I was planning on doing something involving wooden plaques and cabinet knobs. Then I went to Joanns and found out that they sell unfinished coat racks--this one was $5. I quickly changed my plan and bought it and some scrapbook paper, also $5. Both things were 40% off, so this was a cheap project.
This was my first real decoupage project. I like how it turned out.
When I was at Joanns I also picked up these little star wooden appliques, and after going back and forth either way I decided to go ahead and put them on the rack. I wasn't sure what color to paint them but finally decided on white so I wouldn't have to deal with the problem of mixing the perfect green/yellow/blue that matched the scrapbook paper and the wall colors in the nursery.

I'm pretty happy with the finished product! Here I am holding it up against the wall because I need to buy some sort of hangers to fasten it to the wall.

And here are a few other cute pictures I snapped yesterday.

Daniel is the only healthy person in the house. I am better, but Katrina is still cranky and has a runny nose, and Adam feels like walking death but has to be at work this week for an audit.

And lastly, here is Katrina giving her little wooden spool dolls a hug. I finished the glaze and gave them to her yesterday to play with. She had one in each hand for the rest of the evening! They are definitely a hit. The cutest thing she did with them was kiss them and then have the dolls kiss Mommy, Daddy, and even Daniel.

Oh, and this picture really isn't just to show you how messy our living room gets during the day, but is to show off our new ottoman! Remember how we wanted to make our own? Well Adam's family had one they didn't need, so we got ourselves a perfectly-sized storage ottoman for much cheaper than had we made one ourselves. Katrina loves it too! You can't tell from this picture, but it really give the whole room more space. We weren't sure where we would put our coffee table, but after we took it apart we found out that it fits perfectly under our bed.


Jolena said...

I've never even heard of decoupage, and I love this! The coat rack turned out so cute. I love it!

Way to score on the wooden dolls. It's always nice to do something that is appreciated. :)

So this is the first straight on picture I've seen of Daniel in awhile and he is adorable! Where did he get the asian eyes is all I want to know. He looks like his cousins, but they have Xanhanna to thank for that. They are so cute!

So I'm incredibly jealous of Mom and Dad going out there next week. I want to come too! Do you know any way to freeze time so I can come out there and not miss school? lol

Evenspor said...

The coat rack turned out cute!

Confessions From A Working Mom said...

Hey Tori! Thanks for entering my blog giveaway! I had to tell you, I'd never considered how helpful those sheets could be when potty-training a toddler. We're about to embark on that journey in the coming months, too. Maybe I should enter my own giveaway?

Nahhh, that'd be cheating! Good luck to you!

Confessions From A Working Mom

Seamingly Sarah said...

The coat rack looks fantastic. It's given me hope that I too can try decoupage someday!

Sarah GM
~Seamingly Sarah

Seamingly Sarah said...

By the way - I've finally started the quilted color baby book and wanted to mention that I first saw it on your blog. I hope that's okay?

Sarah GM