Sunday, February 28, 2010

Pictures for the week

This afternoon was almost surreal. Daniel was asleep from the moment we got home from church. Katrina went straight down for a nap and played awhile, then finally slept. Adam and I ate lunch and then he crashed. So I spent over two hours sewing uninterrupted. It was awesome! Here are a few kid pictures and a few craft pictures.
Katrina building towers.
Daniel, probably getting tired of having to share this seat with this strange doll.

Adam expressed a desire for Daniel to have Sunday clothes. I really don't want to deal with difficult outfits, so I suggested an appliqued tie onesie. This was the result!

And here it is on the boy. He was excellent at church today and fell asleep without a fuss. He's fallen asleep on his own without a swing three naptimes in the past two days and we're hoping the trend continues and extends into the night. He also just discovered his thumb.
I have another one ready that just needs the applique finished.
And here is the quilt top that I sewed together today! I still need to sew some pink fabric and blue fabric around the outside, but that involves cutting tons of long strips, which I hate doing, so that will probably not happen for awhile.
Here's another angle.

And finally, my other project from family naptime:

My first diaper! It's done except the velcro, which I don't have yet.

Green flannel on the outside, blue $1 fleece blanket on the inside so I didn't waste any nice suedecloth on my first diaper. Stuffed with a microfiber towel. Now that the kids are up I can try it on them. It was even more eerie when everyone woke up within three minutes of each other, right as I was uploading pictures.

Friday, February 26, 2010


I'm feeling super restless. I've got plenty of things to do but can't quite get up the energy to do them, from sewing to cooking to cleaning. Daniel's sleeping, Katrina is in her room on Nap Attempt #2, which is also going to be a failure I think, and even if she did fall asleep I would have to wake her up early and that would make her cranky. So I'm keeping her in there so I can have more quiet time to myself, but it's probably not a good idea because I'm just sitting here feeling restless and my mind is racing. Ugh.

It's been a tough week. Again! Glad today is Friday. This week I've been both working on Katrina's quilt squares sporadically and researching and starting my cloth diaper endeavor. Last night I made a fleece soaker (cover that goes over the diaper and is water resistant). I didn't realize the pattern didn't have seam allowances, so it's a bit snug. Katrina thought it was fun. I bought a bunch of cute flannel and suedecloth to make diapers, and I bought microfiber auto cloths at Walmart to make the inner soaker to stuff the diapers with to absorb the liquid. I'm waiting on some other stuff to come in the mail, like PUL, FOE, Aplix, elastic. Okay, now you're just shaking your head and thinking, what? That's all right. Just know that I'm having a fun time filling my plate with things I don't necessarily have the time or energy for but have decided to do anyway!

If your babies are good sleepers, can you just send that positive energy our way? Katrina was a breeze compared to Daniel. He's great during the day, but has such a hard time falling asleep and staying asleep at night, no matter how we get him to sleep or where he is sleeping.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Miserable evening

First of all, Daniel's cardiologist appointment went well. He was in a great mood and smiled and wriggled all over the place during his EKG, which was cute but frustrating (and funny) for the nurse. The doctor checked him out and pronounced him healthy, saying his heart murmur is normal and not to worry about it.

Tonight, on the other hand, has been miserable. I realized that one of my books was overdue and so I needed to go to the library (that soured my mood a bit because I agree with my mom--there are few things more pointless and avoidable than library fines and traffic tickets). Our ground beef had gone bad and cooking it smelled up the apartment with a nasty stench. I went out to pick up more and stopped by the library. When I pulled out of the parking spot I looked both ways, made sure there were no pedestrians, and crept out. I could barely see anything because of the rain reflecting streetlights off of my back windshield. Suddenly I hear a scrape, right as I was switching into Drive. Oh no! I pulled back in, jumped out, and talked to the driver who was coming back right then. I'm still mad about the whole thing, since I was being so careful and he was parked in a no-parking zone in a dark car. Luckily it was a very small mark that wiped off, so I think I mostly just scraped the grime from my car to his. This was the first time I've hit anything!

I headed to the store, carrying just a small basket. I remembered that we needed milk and a few other things, so I loaded myself down with two gallons of milk, ground beef, potatoes, and other things way too heavy for one of those baskets. After I loaded up the conveyor belt, I realized my wallet was in the car. It was just not my night. I finally got home at 7. I salvaged a near disastrous mistake while making dinner (1/4 cup soy sauce instead of 1 tablespoon). It ended up tasting really good (Asian Lettuce Wraps).

Bleh. Yesterday we missed church because Katrina was pouring snot from her nose like a faucet, and we had such an awful night the night before with Daniel that once Adam could finally get some sleep he slept until 10. Last night was bad too. Daniel won't stay asleep for longer than an hour in his bassinet. I end up cradling him next to me and he falls back asleep, or Adam takes him out and tries everything until I call him back and nurse more, after which I either try moving Daniel or just sleep sitting up for awhile while he sleeps on the boppy for an hour or so.

The fragmented sleep is killing me. I'm so exhausted perpetually. I feel this simmering anger all the time. Katrina is going crazy and her obedience level is basically nil. I'm planning on taking her to playgroup tomorrow, but I just dread the whole process of going anywhere with both kids. Daniel is a car screamer, and while he's better than he used to be, it is so wearing to have to listen to his crying all the time while driving. I always have to wake one or both children from naps to pick Adam up in the afternoon. Carrying around Katrina in one arm and the carseat in the other while going up and down stairs is so tiring and leaves my back aching for several days. So I can either stay at home, where Daniel is an excellent baby but Katrina is a horrible toddler and stresses me out, or go places where she can get her energy out but he cries and stresses me out.

Basically, I need the snow to melt so I can take them on walks. Bring on spring! Plus, Adam will start cycling to work and that will free up the car for me.

Good things--I'm slowly but steadily working on the appliques for Katrina's quilt and they look good. Also, in preparation for our tentative switch to cloth diapers I am researching how I could do them as cheaply as possible and have decided to try sewing some. Cloth diapers are a lot easier than they used to be and there are some nice diaper fabrics out there.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Finally the weekend

This is the week that would never end! It just dragged all week. Was it really only four work days? It felt so much longer.

Adam is dealing with lots of stress at work. He is wiped out every day. We're both tired, even though Daniel's crying has diminished significantly and he falls asleep easier after feedings. But sleep just isn't as refreshing when it's broken up.

Last night Daniel slept all evening for the first time in weeks, which meant I could finally devote a large chunk of time to sewing. I have 18 out of 24 blocks sewn now. I hope to finish the rest tonight and sew them together tomorrow.

We made a menu and shopped from it this week, so I hope it works well for dinner. I need to go work on that now.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

No, I don't know where she got the pen either

I knew she was probably doing something bad in her room but I was wiped out on the couch with a headache. Sure enough, this is what she was doing. I also took pictures of the sheets and rocking horse (yep, she wrote on exactly the same surfaces as before), but those didn't come out. You can still see the remnants of the orange from the other day.
Sigh. I should be more mad but I just think it's really funny. I did make sure to give her paper and reinforce that we draw on paper only, and took the pen the moment she dropped it. Then I made sure to look innocent when she was asking about it. :]

New schedule

Daniel has fallen into a new schedule: Wake at 7:30, eat. Stay awake for an hour or a little more. I put him in the swing. He sleeps for four hours! Then he eats/plays/sleeps, eating every two hours until 6 or 7. Then he eats every hour or hour and a half until 10:30, after which we finally get him to sleep either in the bassinet or on Adam in the living room. He wakes once or twice in the night and the schedule starts again the next day at 7:30. Whew! Certain parts of the day are exhausting. Right now, I just stuck Katrina in her room for a nap and I'm waiting for him to wake up. Oh, and our exciting development was that the other night, Daniel actually fell asleep by himself in his bassinet, instead of in the swing, nursing, or on Adam's chest. We haven't replicated it since then, but just the fact that it happened once made us excited.

Today stinks, entirely because last night Adam had a meeting and we decided to wait to watch LOST until tonight. I'm really struggling right now--both kids are asleep, we have two computers just staring at me saying, ""

I've made small progress on Katrina's quilt. I have 9 fabrics to cut out and have finished 7 of them. Once the cutting is complete, I'm hoping the sewing will go quickly.

Well, I've got to go eat quickly because Daniel is waking up (I think).

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Screaming toddlers

There's so much fun in watching Katrina get older. Seeing her play with her cousin instead of just next to him is one of those things. Yesterday I almost died at the cuteness when Katrina and Jordan had both climbed up on the piano bench and were sitting next to each playing the piano. Also, she played almost a complete scale, which bodes well for her musical future. :]

But man, the negative things that come with toddlerhood are really wearing on me. Removing her from Sacrament meeting three times each Sunday. Fighting with her to change her diaper or brush her teeth--not all the time, just when she suddenly decides those tasks are torturous. And dealing with The Scream. She says everything in a yelling voice and has for awhile, and I'm used to that. But this week she has started screaming for no reason. Just looks at me and screams. Ugh. She ripped off one of the childproof locks this week after screaming and pulling on the cabinet doors until the stress broke the lock. I think it was because she wanted more Cheerios. Here's something equally frustrating but more funny--I sometimes put her in training pants instead of diapers. I did this on Friday and she then brought me a potty book and wanted me to read it. Normally these days I start reading and then she grabs it and runs away, but this time she let me read it all the way through, then wanted it again, then a third time. I had a sudden inkling, and glanced at her pants. Yep. During the third time through, she peed. Lovely.

In good news, I got most of the highliter off the walls using rubbing alcohol. Nail polish remover got some of it off the rocking horse. The wall needs a little touch-up paint but is much better. The wallpaper will never be the same though!

Friday, February 12, 2010

Katrina didn't take a nap today

The most disturbing part was that I couldn't find the highlighter, but while I was writing this post I asked her about it and she brought me to her room, where it was on the bed, and there were new marks on the sheets. Lovely.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

More snow!

While we are inside, snuggly and warm:
Outside it is frigid and snowy again!
Adam reached out our window and wrote this in the snow. It has piled up that much between this storm and the last one.

Adam went outside and the snow was up to his upper thighs in the deepest parts. Katrina was way weirded out by him being outside her window. She definitely doesn't like touching snow, though she likes to look at it.

Adam made it to work today just fine, but the snow was piling up so much that they all went home at noon. He keeps going outside to clear the snow off the car and to try to scrape it away from the tires with our snow scraper and broom (last night KMart was out of shovels, not surprisingly), but it looks like the car is still pretty stuck. I'm not sure if it will be possible for him to get to work tomorrow. He's the closest, so he feels an obligation, plus the fact that trading doesn't stop for a snowstorm in Philly, but if he can't get the car out, I'm not sure what will happen.
Daniel is awake and wailing! Gotta go.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Little Smarty

Yesterday Katrina didn't take a nap. After being in her room for a couple of hours she knocked and I let her out. I was surprised when she greeted me at the door with a lightbulb in her hand--the very same lightbulb she took from the nightlight and I took away from her a month ago! Well, when I cleaned the bathroom lasy week I put her potty seat in her room, and she had used it as a stool to get into the changing table drawer and fish around inside. Luckily the lightbulb was the most dangerous item she found.

She also has been using her lion ride-on toy as a stool. She pushes it around to her desired location, then climbs up on the seat. And once again we have to baby-proof the next level up! She recently became tall enough to reach inside drawers in the kitchen, so I've moved scissors and things higher.

I stuck Daniel in the high chair today when he started crying while I was making lunch, and he was pretty happy. He sat there while Katrina and I ate, and I think Katrina was a little weirded out by that, but she takes it all in stride.

It's fun to do new things that surprise Katrina. Today I exercised on the elliptical for the first time in months. Katrina stood right in front of me looking up and talking. She thought it was pretty cool. Then I tried to do Pilates. First she tried to pull me up to follow her somewhere, and then she decided to sit on my lower stomach. That wasn't too bad. But then she started to bounce! I quickly ended my workout and will finish tonight!
We are supposed to get dumped on with more snow tonight. Hopefully Adam will be able to get our car cleared out tomorrow so he can get to work. Trading doesn't stop, even if Philadelphia is snowbound!

Monday, February 8, 2010

Visit with the grandparents

I was really sad to say goodbye to my parents this evening. I've really enjoyed their visit for the last several days. Today we finished off by driving around a bit and looking at big houses, then eating lunch with Adam.
We took some pictures with the kids and my parents.
Katrina loved having them here, though she had a hard time with the words "Grandpa" and "Grandma" and instead called them Nana and Poppop as well!

She was harder to get a picture of because she moves around so much. Wait--so does Daniel! Kids are just so mobile and hard to photograph.

There must be a spot on my lens because all of these photos have a smudge in the same spot.
Katrina didn't want to sit still for a picture, so this is the best one we got!
Giving Grandpa a kiss on the chin.

Tonight we did Baskin Robbins for Family Home Evening. Katrina was thrilled to get her very own ice cream for the first time. She gobbled down some rainbow sherbet and Adam and I were happy to be able to eat our entire ice creams without her little voice saying, "Ahhhhh!" as she ran back and forth between us, waiting for bites!
On a negative note, my back is in so much pain right now. I would lay down and not get back up again for the rest of the night if I could get away with it. I think it is because of how much I have hauled around Daniel's baby carrier over the past few days--the pain always gets worse on days when I drive Adam because I have to carry both kids at the same time so much. I have been doing Pilates sporadically for the last few weeks but I am going to have to do them much more if I want to combat this pain. Pilates has helped me a lot in the past to strengthen my back and reduce the pain. I'm pretty miserable, so I hope that taking it easy and starting up Pilates again can do the trick.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Baby blessing

Church was delayed because of the snow and we only had Sacrament meeting, but the blessing went on as planned. Here is a picture of Daniel in the blessing outfit his Nana made. She made Katrina's blessing outfit look like my wedding dress and Daniel's like a tuxedo, complete with a bowtie.
Adam said that while he was being blessed, Daniel was cooing and looking around and being altogether very cute.
Here's a family picture.

We also celebrated Adam's birthday. This is his cake, made to look like a little campsite. Isn't it way cute? Adam's sister and mom have lots of fun decorating cakes and this was a joint effort.

I am glad to be home and hope for an early bedtime. Last night was pretty miserable, so I'm hoping for a better night from Daniel. Occasionally he'll sleep for 5-7 hours in a row, so I know he's got it in him!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Snow pics #2

Unsure about the snow.
Really unsure about walking in it.
Walking around in Daddy's arms.

"Enjoying" the snow up close.

Back up in a secure place.

Off to explore.
Daniel thought it was interesting for a couple minutes, but didn't like my putting him down to get a picture.
And back again!
This is what Adam did while they were out there. She thought it was hilarious.
Poor car, only halfway cleaned off.
Did I mention it's still snowing?

Cute kid pics and SNOW

I've got a cute baby, don't I? :]
Yesterday we took Daniel to the doctor for his two-month checkup. He did so well and the nurse and doctor commented on how alert he was. He started talking and cooing at the doctor and she turned to my mom and said, "He talks more like a three month old, don't you agree?" My mom made a sort of noncommittal "uh-huh," and she and I laughed later because who really knows the difference between a two and three month old besides a pediatrician? His numbers are great--almost 12 lbs and close to 24 inches. To compare, he's slightly heavier and longer than Katrina was at her three month appointment but with a much smaller head. He's average for weight and head and 75th percentile for length, so it looks like our feeling that he was kind of long was correct. Unfortunately, his heart murmur is back, so we need to take him to a cardiologist. The doctor isn't worried because he's gaining so well, and after they took his blood pressure in all four limbs (he hated that!), she said it'll probably be nothing serious.

Okay, so this next picture might freak you out a bit:
If you blinked and had to look again, that's what we have to do all the time when Katrina leaves her doll in various places where we're used to seeing Daniel.

This is what we woke up to, and it's still coming down! My parents are basically snowed in at their hotel. We're not sure what's going to happen with church and the blessing tomorrow.

While I had the camera out to take pictures of the snow, I snapped some of the kids: