Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Sweater Dress

I know three posts in one day is kind of overkill, but I wanted to share this quick project I did today that looks super cute. See this sweater?
I love that sweater. Unfortunately, I bought it one size too large and it's never fit well. The neckline is way too wide and it only ever fits me when I am pregnant or right after I have a baby.

So I turned it into this:
There's a blog that I love that has tons of projects, all with tutorials. I made a bunch of fabric blocks and rings and stuffed animals for a baby shower present tomorrow. I'll show them when I finish stitching up the outside. Anyway, the tutorial to turn a sweater into a girl's sweater dress is right here.

Katrina seems to like it.

And now, including the two dresses I just bought from eBay, Katrina has 4 dresses for Sundays!

It could probably use some sort of embellishment but I think it's also pretty cute with just the wide stripes.
Unfortunately all these pictures show just how messy our apartment gets during the day. At least we clean it all up each night and Katrina is getting better at helping.



Jolena said...

I love how it turned out! Katrina is such a ham. She take great pictures. Daniel looks like he's okay with wearing Katrina's shoes. :)

I'm impressed that your apartment gets cleaned at the end of the day. I swear the definition of kids is chaos, so ever getting back to order is awesome in my book.

Elise said...

This is brilliant! I've always wanted to repurpose a sweater this way, and you've inspired me to try it. You really have a talent for this sort of thing, Tori. Not everyone can look at a simple tutorial and end up with a result as nice as you always do.

Ashley said...

So adorable! I love those chunky stripes! Thanks for the link and keep on crafting!! :)


Tasha's Life said...

So amazing, as always, Sis!

Steph @ somewhatsimple said...

LOVE THIS!!!! I have a ton of sweaters I could definitely part with as well!

Kirst said...

So cute! I love the stripes and think it would looke great with a simple belt.

Andrea said...

looks great, thanks for sharing this idea. definitely going to raid my close now for all those old sweaters i never wear.