Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Someone just pottytrain her already!

Good news--Katrina broke the tv! Well, not the entire tv, because that would definitely be bad, but just the buttons on the front. Remember how she constantly turns it in and unless I unplug it I have to always have the black screen with "Turn on your cable box" flashing and the high annoying whine bugging my ears? Well she has pushed the buttons so much that they are now virtually unresponsive. It doesn't really mean we watch less tv, since she just brings me the remote and I turn it on, but at least it's not on when we're not watching.

So around 9:30 I was tring to get Daniel to sleep and Katrina was loudly complaining because I didn't want to turn the tv on. So she switched her goal to taking her clothes off and yelled until I helped. She spent the next while playing without clothes and eventually I gave in to her demands and turned on the tv because I just can't fight that battle these days. Daniel woke and I got him back to sleep on my chest, at which point I was overwhelmed with a wave of fatigue and laid down with him on the couch. An hour later I woke up and it was Sesame Street. I think I dozed more until it was over and finally got up in order to face the mess I knew I would find. But there was none! She had moved off of the towel on the couch and I was sure that meant she had gone to the bathroom, but nope. No wet spots or worse anywhere. She went two hours without an accident! Plus, she regularly spends an hour or so at a time without clothes and in the last two months or so that this has been going on, she's only had three accidents.

Who knows if she's actually ready for toilet training, but I'll let you know if we have any success. She's 21 months old now. It would sure be cool if she potty trained early!

On the Daniel front, things are going so much better that I'm afraid to tell you that in case he regresses. So I'll just say that we've had much better days and two better nights. Also, we bought new batteries and have a working swing now, which makes a definite difference. He's six weeks tomorrow.

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