Thursday, January 14, 2010

Smiles and Ovals

Daniel has been giving his first smiles. I tried to catch one on video but mostly just got a minute's worth of pleasant expressions. You can see his dimple on his right cheek that he gets from Adam.

I decided I needed to get a video of Katrina writing on her chalkboard. The video is pretty bumpy because she kept sitting on my lap, but it gets especially cute when she tries to draw one of her favorite shapes instead of her usual straight lines.

Today is tricky because Daniel won't stay asleep in the same place for longer than 20-30 minutes. I just barely squeezed in a shower but he woke while I was getting dressed and his crying woke up Katrina prematurely, so she is currently knocking on her door and talking while I feed him. I'm just happy I got my shower in, but I would have loved to have had another half an hour to finish up the strap on my bag! I'm so close to completion!

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Jolena said...

Ahh!!! Your children are so cute! I love it when you post videos. It just makes me smile to see Katrina doing all her fun things and Daniel is just cute.