Sunday, January 24, 2010

Several pictures

Okay, so this picture was supposed to be at the end of the post but then I realized I accidentally uploaded the one with crazy eyes instead, so I deleted it, but then I had already put more pictures up and it won't let me change the order, etc... So here's a cute picture of Daniel in his crib.

Adam snapped this very sweet picture of Katrina.


I decided to put Daniel and Katrina's baby doll side by side.

Some close-ups.

We bought Katrina a new bath towel.

She kind of hates the hood, but oh well.

Her great grandmother bought her a fun leopard coat, so I tried to snap a picture. It was hard because she had lost a shoe and kept trotting around with an exaggerated limp.

Here is my current project. It's taking awhile because finding time isn't always simple. I, of course, got the idea from someone else's blog. I'll post a link when I show the finished product. These will be toys for Katrina and hopefully will resemble me, Adam, and the other family members I'm making.
Sometimes we just stick Daniel in the crib and leave him there. It's one of his favorite places to just chill and kick around.
I think he really likes the nursery. Maybe it's the calming effect of the paint job?
Quick summary of the past few days: potty training--we're starting anew with books and training pants because she wasn't getting it with the naked time and was getting frustrated, which is the last thing I want. Daniel--falls asleep easier unswaddled, we discovered. Two great nights, one bad. Today he slept all day so we anticipate a hard night. Adam--about to start a stressful three weeks of auditing at work. Me--praying for my grandmother who seems to be approaching the end of her life and my aunt who is battling another bout of cancer. I'm also eagerly anticipating my parents' visit out here for Daniel's blessing in three weeks.


Jolena said...

Ah, you're kids are so cute! I love that you posted so many pictures. Daniel still looks like an adorable old man, Katrina's new coat is precious, and I'm excited to see your finished product of your wood people. Good luck on the new round of potty training and I really wish I was coming to the blessing too. Someday we'll have a few more dollars floating around and I'll come out to visit you more. Or maybe Bill and I will end up out on the East Coast with the Navy and then we maybe won't have to fly! I'm praying for Grandma and Jeanine too. Sure wish they weren't having so many health problems.

Jessi, DJ, Annica and Eli said...

katrina looks JUST like you in the picture of her in the towel with the hood on her head! What two beautiful girls! And one handsome little boy! I think its awesome that you always have a project going! hope the winter is keeping you warm!