Monday, January 11, 2010

Peaceful Day

It's been a nice peaceful day after a battle of a night. Summarized: I slept 11-2, 5-8. In between we switched off who was trying to soothe Daniel. Six hours isn't bad, just not when it's separated by three hours of waking time. Tonight should be better, since we bought new batteries for the swing. He's been great all day, so hopefully he doesn't turn on us tonight!
Adorable picture of our little "old man" in Katrina's chair.
The moby wrap has been a failure lately, but today my muscles were just so tired from holding him and I needed to try again. I decided to put him in facing outwards but with his feet still in. Surprisingly, he liked it. He even fell asleep! Unfortunately, I had to sit in an awkward position to keep his head from falling forward and it just exacerbated the knot in my back, but I enjoyed holding him with a little more freedom of movement.
And a close-up to show his face.
I spent the whole day doing nothing, and it was great. I figured it was my reward for enduring the night before. Katrina had fun (in the above pictures, she was standing out of sight on her stool and looking at the mirror, with no clothes on) and the day passed quickly with Daniel spending most of it asleep! I found some future projects to sew, and also started making a list of meals to make in a quest to have a 30-meal plan for dinners. I'm only up to 16, which tells you how limited my cooking is. Adam is the one who branches out more often. This week he made some delicious calzones that made the list.
So the hardware to finish my diaper bag strap arrived here today, but I just don't feel like sewing! It will have to wait until tomorrow, unless I get a sudden bit of energy soon. Which I might. I really really want this bag done.
Oh, and one last, nonrelated thing. During my blog-hopping the other day, I discovered a really cool blog. It's called Knock Off Wood and is a blog of a carpenter who takes real catalog furniture and makes simple plans so people can make their own furniture. It's really cool and I had fun going through the archives to look at the things she's built and the plans for really nice pieces of furniture. Along with that, Adam and I have been trying to think of something different for our living room because Katrina likes to climb on and sometimes bang on the coffee table. We have been looking on Craigslist at ottomans. Well, after looking at this site we feel inspired to make our own storage ottoman! We can use his parents' tools and the only trouble would be transporting it back. I'll report back on our progress in a few weeks.


Elise said...

The moby wrap picture is adorable! I'm sorry to hear about your night. I hope these nights don't last too much longer for you. And good for you for having a "nothing" day. You deserve it!

Jolena said...

You go girl! I'm excited to see your ottoman and I'm looking at the site right now to see what Bill and I can make. :)