Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Nothing much

I hate titling posts sometimes. Especially ones that really aren't centered on a specific subject.

Today was pretty laid back. I rotated as a bottle/pacifier/pillow all day for Daniel. He doesn't sleep on me very often anymore, so I treasured it. Unfortunately I think he was so sleepy because he might be coming down with the same cold as Katrina. He was kind of stuffy this morning. She couldn't fall asleep for her nap because of her coughing and congestion. She still spent awhile in there playing happily, and then right before I was going to go get her, she fell asleep for a short time. I have the humidifier on; hopefully tonight won't be too bad. I had hoped it was just teething but my own throat is starting to feel funny so it's definitely a cold and it's passing between all of us.

My little wooden dolls are coming along nicely. I've painted the bodies, mod podged some paper on them, and painted the hair. All that's left are the faces and a finished glaze. Painting isn't my strong point, so I'm nervous about the faces.

Katrina is my little helper on days like today where I am stuck under Daniel on the couch. She brings me the phone, she brings me burp cloths (and even wipes her nose with them at my request), she brings me my diaper bag so I can get her sippy cup. . . It's really cute. She called my sister this morning on my cell phone. That's the second time in the last week or two!

Have I mentioned that my oldest sister got married last weekend? It was very exciting! Even though I couldn't make it, I felt like I was there in spirit. I really considered going anyway even though we don't really have the money, but Daniel would have made me miserable on a plane and at nights. I shudder to imagine it. So I am very happy for her and hope to be able to visit before too long!

Just as I have been desperately hoping, a switch seems to have gone off in Daniel's brain. He now falls right back asleep after each feeding without too much problem at all. Even if he wakes up during the transfer from boppy to bassinet, he will just talk or fuss and I assume fall back asleep quickly, but I usually fall asleep before him! The other day his noises were really loud and lasted about forty minutes, so I couldn't sleep, but he wasn't crying! I ended up putting his seahorse that plays music in there and he finally nodded off. Anyway, that makes life easier. He still has many bad evenings, but they are so much easier to deal with when we know that the night will be easier!

I've been putting Katrina in training pants in the mornings, just to make her more aware of when she is peeing. It seems to be working. I'd love if she wanted to actually use the little potty seat but for now I'm happy with her occasionally wanting to sit on it. She loves to read the two books I bought her about potty training. And by read I mean sitting there flipping through them. It's way cute to see her "reading." At nights when we read books to her she sometimes grabs them away and reads to herself, then hands them back when she's finished. :]


Jolena said...

I'm glad Daniel is starting to figure out how to sleep right. Yay for better nights! Pretty soon Katrina is going to be able to read the books out loud to you, and that will be super awesome too!

Jolena said...

By reading to you I mean she'll have them memorized. :)

Kirst said...

I'm so glad Daniel is sleeping better for you. Being a mom is hard enough without being extra sleep deprived (we all are a little anyways but consistant bad nights make life miserable). I hope things keep going up from there. Can't wait to see how your dolls turn out.