Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Little Mimic

No pictures today, sorry! I really wish I had charged my camera so I could show you Daniel's amazing receding hairline. He loses more hair on top every time we give him a bath, which makes him look even more like a cranky old man.

And boy is he cranky! I've been denying that he's colicky but we've come to accept the fact that he is. Colic--crying at leat three hours a day, for at least three days a week, for at least three weeks. Yep, that's him. Usually the evening is his awful time, and nighttime after feedings, but yesterday he was crabby all day until Adam came home. Boy was it nice to have a peaceful evening after that. You can give me your suggestions but I bet I've already tried them: swaddling, swing, baby wrap, gripe water, etc. Yes, all of them work occasionally but we end up cycling through everything and then when something finally works you wonder if he was just exhausted and gave up or if it really worked. We got a little seahorse that plays music for Christmas and that works sometimes to lull him to sleep, especially if combined with swaddling and being carried in his preferred facing-out position. I've experimented with changing my diet and not found markedly different results between when I abstain from certain things and when I don't. However, I am trying to eat less sugar and definitely avoiding chocolate and broccoli.

Now let me brag about Adam. He has been taking care of dinner and Katrina and changing Daniel and walking with him during the night and cleaning and getting me food while I nurse and anything else that needs to be done. To some of you that might seem logical, since he's the second half of our marriage partnership, but I've been reading about a lot of other women online who aren't so lucky. I am so grateful to have him. He's possibly even more exhausted than me, plus is having upper back issues. Luckily I have enough energy to get some cleaning done in between meals and crying jags, so he's not shouldering everything, and I have a desire to cook, just not the freedom. Hopefully I'll be able to figure out how to juggle two kids and dinner prep, otherwise he'll be cooking indefinitely, which I doubt he likes the idea of!

Now on to Katrina. She is such a little mimic these days and it's hilarious. She has her baby doll from Christmas and likes to put it in the swing or the carseat. She knows all the signs to her favorite songs, which are Popcorn Popping, Old McDonald (no signs for that, she just says "ee ah ee ah"), Itsy Bitsy Spider, Hinges, and several others. She used to love it when we sang anything, but now if we sing something she doesn't want to hear, she'll yell, "Nana! Nana!" until we stop. Yesterday I started singing a little made-up song which vaguely followed the tune of that Primary song that starts, "I wiggle my fingers, I wiggle my toes..." I named different actions for her to do and as I did them she copied everything I did. It was lots of fun and very cute. I love seeing her do new things, like the other day when she used her fork for the first time to spear things instead of just scooping them. She also loves her new chalkboard and is getting very good at drawing straight lines all over it, then erasing it and doing it all again. Oh, and she just now (five minutes ago) learned how to take her own pants off. I kind of taught her how. I'd rather she take them off herself than cry at me because I won't do it. Luckily she's better these days at letting me put clothes back on her, so no more spending hours naked to avoid a throw-down tantrum.

As for me, I just got a new calling. I was certain that I would be back in Primary because the current Primary pianist is doubling as the organist. But the bishop told me that they are giving me a break so I can concentrate on raising my kids, so I'm on the Activity Board in Relief Society. That means I'll be helping to plan formerly-known-as-Enrichment activities, I think. Our bishop is Korean and has a thick accent, so sometimes things can be a little confusing. I was talking to a counselor in Relief Society in the hallway and she was a little nervous that I didn't know my calling because I was called as a member of the Relief Society Board over the pulpit, and another sister was called as "Relief Society Specialist" and neither the sister or the counselor was quite sure what that meant without talking to the RS president. The counselor's husband was there and said that he was called as the "Ward Specialist" over the pulpit instead of Ward Welfare Specialist. We love our bishop and he himself laughs at his language difficulties, so none of this was said in malice or anything.

I have one blank book left and last night spent my time stuck under a nursing and sleeping baby on the computer. I am making Katrina a book with tons of pictures of various foods, animals, objects, household things, and outdoor things. I printed everything out this morning and realized I mistakenly planned for a 8"x6.375" book instead of a 8.375"x6" book. So I need to rearrange the pictures and print it out again. Hopefully it will help Katrina's speech. She's on the behind side of normal and we want to encourage her to learn more words and work to say them more clearly.


Jolena said...

I love Daniel's old man look. It's adorable. :) I hope he gets over being collicky soon. That is just no fun.

That book for Katrina sounds cool. She's such a smart little girl, so I'm sure she'll learn fast all the things you make for her.

Elise said...

I love seeing the various ways babies shed their hair! Ashley just looked like a little street urchin.

It is fun to hear about all the things Katrina is doing. She picks up on things so quickly and she just sounds like a lot of fun, even if she keeps you pretty busy :).

When Everett was born, I only cooked dinner a couple of times a week, and he wasn't even colicky! I hope you find a solution. It makes for a long few months until Daniel's stomach calms down. If you find something that works, I hope you let us all know. I am kind of expecting this next one of ours to be colicky, so I may be calling you with lots of questions :).

Evenspor said...

Beeper was very, very colicky as a baby. The best suggestion I was given: Remember this too shall pass. Hang in there!

It sounds like you have a great man to help you get through it.

Courtney said...

My niece was colicky and so my sister-in-law got one of those big exercise balls and would sit on it and bounce with the baby in her arms. It is definitely a workout, but it helped some, and it gives you another option to try. I got a ball like that at a sports equipment store for like $10, or Walmart might have them.