Sunday, January 31, 2010

Home Sick

Here are pictures of Katrina's first ponytail! I went back and redid it after this with a comb and gel, but this was the very first one. And yes, she has some oatmeal on her forehead.

Today we are home sick. We had a fun day yesterday in NJ, but had to drive home in a snowstorm, so we were happy to get home safely. Here is Katrina's day-after-ponytail hair.

Luckily Daniel isn't sick yet, and he was good last night. I thought I would describe what a "good" night for us is. I always consider it a success when he falls back asleep easily after feedings (You can skip this if you want to avoid traumatic flashbacks to newborn days):
8:30 we get Katrina into bed and Daniel happily plays in crib watching the bedtime routine. I feed him. He spends the next several minutes looking around, enjoying things. Eventually he gets tired and we alternate walking him, attempt the swing, and finally Adam gets him to sleep in the room.
10:30 Daniel wakes up and we move into the bedroom to go to sleep. I feed him. He falls asleep on the boppy and I try to keep still until he is asleep enough to transfer to the bassinet. I turn off the light. That wakes him up and he fusses. Adam groans in anticipation of a long night. I cradle him in my arms and lie down in a probably fruitless attempt to get him to sleep. He falls asleep, but is a really mobile sleeper and hits me in the face a lot.
Midnight Daniel wakes and fusses, so I move him to the bassinet. He cries a bit. I put his seahorse in there and suprisingly, it works and he falls back asleep.
2:40 He wakes up crying, so I turn on the light and he is fast asleep. I stare for awhile as he wakes, falls asleep, wakes, falls asleep. Finally I turn off the light and fall back asleep.
4:00 He wakes for real and I feed him. He falls back asleep. I think I moved him to the bassinet. It's a little blurry.
7:00 He wakes. It's light enough I can feed him without the light on. We both fall asleep with him still on the boppy and me sitting up. Half an hour later I move him into the bassinet.
8:00 Daniel wakes and so I lay him down next to me, cradled in my arm, and we both sleep/doze for the next 45 minutes.
Anyway, that was our good night. The night before I spent half of it in the living room while he was in the swing and Adam spent over an hour walking a screaming baby in the middle of the night, so you can see how this night was so much better. Plus, he went from 10:30 to 4 without eating, which is a really nice stretch.
We are having a lazy day in our pajamas, drinking orange juice. Katrina got to have her first sippy cup full of watered-down orange juice. She was definitely a fan. She wanted to watch tv, so I told her we would watch a movie about Jesus. Then I changed my mind and put in The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe and told her it was "kind of" about Jesus. She's fascinated. We've already fast forwarded through a scary part, and I'm sure there will be more, but she likes it. Oh, and one more thing. Katrina saw Toy Story at her cousin's house once and loved it. She went around saying "Yee-aw," over and over again. A couple of days ago I decided to show it to her on Youtube (ten minutes at a time), and then the next day we watched the second one. She is obsessed with it now and often points at the computer and says "Yee-aww!" We will definitely have to actually buy a few Disney/Pixar movies.

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