Friday, January 15, 2010


Highlights of yesterday and today:

-After a Very Bad Day Daniel slept 7 hours, due to his swing and Adam's mad skills

-I bought Katrina Big Girl Underwear and today she wore them for around two hours, and then was naked for another hour and a half before she finally had a small accident. She refused to use the potty chair other than to just sit on it, but I consider it excellent progress.

-Funny moment: "Katrina, I love you. I love you. Do you love me? Katrina, do you love me?" "No!"

-I finished the strap on my bag last night at 11:30. It looks great!

-Daniel was great all day today until Adam left for his campout. :[ Oh well. He's currently laying on the floor because I figured a change of scenery would interest him and it worked for a few minutes, though he's fussing again.

-I got another nap on the couch while Daniel slept on me and Katrina watched tv. Sadly, I fell asleep moments after Adam came home and woke up minutes before he had to leave for his campout.

-I found an ottoman on Craigslist that is exactly what we want for only $30, so I inquired. I really hope it isn'y sold yet.

Crying baby, so that's all for tonight!

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