Tuesday, January 19, 2010


I had some pictures and other things I planned on posting, but I just need to share my frustration. Today was Day #1 of pottytraining attempt #1. The theory I am using is that if they spend all their time naked then they can feel their urges to go to the bathroom better. She woke late because she went to bed late last night. I started her off without a diaper. The morning progressed, she watched tv on a couch that is covered with an old shower curtain and towels. We played with some fake makeup I made her that I'll post pictures of next time. We played with her kitchen. I nursed Daniel on a stool next to the bathroom while she was playing so that I could keep a watch on her. Daniel slept, spent some time awake and kicking around, slept some more.

Notice a theme---no accidents! This seems good, and it makes me happy that she's not making a mess, but the whole theory behind this method is that they will make lots of messes the first couple of days and gradually figure out (with your cheerleading and coaching) that they need to use the potty or toilet. She can't figure that out if she doesn't ever pee! So I am equally glad/miffed that she apparently has a bladder of steel. At one point she ran to her room and brought me back clothes and underwear, so we tried the potty seat with no success, and then I put a diaper on her. Half an hour later I removed a dirty diaper and we resumed nakedness. I just was happy she seemed to understand that she needed her diaper on or at least something on her bum.

I really expected today to be frustrating but the actual reasons surprise me! We will resume after her nap. Daniel is overall being an angel. He's been sleeping better at night too, with the painful exception of the hour he spends screaming every night after his mid-night feeding. Other than that, he is sleeping for longer stretches!

Thank you for humoring my potty training post. I will try to refrain from giving a blow-by-blow account. We are giving this three days and if she still isn't getting it I will give up and try again in a few months.

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Jolena said...

Good luck sis! I hope it works out potty-training her already. All I can say is that she'll do it when she's ready, so don't get too frustrated. You're doing awesome!