Thursday, January 28, 2010

Battle of the tv

Today is probably not the best day to start my battle against the TV. Katrina is sick with a perpetually runny nose and a cough, and I am sick and going off of two awful nights with Daniel. But it just has to stop. It fills up half her day, actively watching and playing with it on in the background. I've allowed it because I'm too tired to do otherwise and because I'm nursing Daniel all the time. He wants to eat every hour or 90 minutes, I swear. But that's another issue. I try feeding him longer and feeding him on the same side again to make sure he's getting hind milk, but he's just hungry, I guess. Whatever works to get him to stop screaming, I'm willing to do.

Our first battle lasted about ten minutes. She cried and cried and dribbled snot everywhere (so disgusting) and kept bringing me the remote. I'm pretty proud of myself for remaining patient and just telling her calmly "no more tv right now." It's so easy to think that if I just speak more forcefully and louder she'll listen better, but for the most part I refrained from that. She cried more. She even dragged over my diaper bag to me and I could tell she was totally thinking, "This made Mommy happy yesterday, maybe it will work again and she'll let me watch tv." But I held strong. She finally got distracted with something and by then Daniel was asleep and I could move him to go play with her.

Katrina's pretty average as toddlers go, but occasionally she'll do something that really surprises me and seems advanced. Like with her chalkboard: sometimes she will draw a squiggle and then point and tell me something in her gibberish, and it makes me think she's actually trying to draw that. She drew a squiggly line yesterday, pointed, and made her hissing noise like a snake. I drew a person on the board and she made a mark on its head and said, "Hat." That was surprising as well because she's never said "hat" before. To prove to me she knew what she was saying, she dragged me to the closet and pointed at it until I took all the hats down. It's been at least two months since we played with those hats, so I'm impressed at her memory.

Katrina had just gotten "Mama" down, but all of a sudden this week she switched to "Mom." It's so weird, but still rather cute. She says it in a very singsong way and it sounds kind of like "Momm," but said really quickly.

She's taking exception to me being on the computer, so I'm done, and hopefully there aren't too many spelling mistakes because no time to proofread.


Elise said...

Katrina IS advanced. It is always fun to read about the silly/crazy/adorable thing she does.

Daniel sounds just like Everett was. My goodness. You have my full sympathy :). It is tough feeding every 45 minutes or hour. Everett was not sated by hind milk either! But your little guy is so cute, at least you know you've gotten something good out of it, even if you feel like a zombie.

Your kids are lucky to have you.

Jolena said...

Way to go holding strong! I just told some of my friends about her antics with the diaper bag and they loved it. What a cute, smart little girl she is. And I hope Daniel gets through this stage fast and you can sleep again and live normal life. You're doing great! I agree with Elise. They really are lucky to have you.