Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Baby shower toys

I had fun making some simple baby toys for a baby shower I'm going to tonight. I made some blocks, rings, and stuffed animals.

Pottytraining probably isn't going to be successful this time. She holds everything in until naptime or bedtime. She doesn't like to sit on the little potty seat very long. But we'll still try. She hates diapers, so I'd love to be done with them.


Jolena said...

I love that they look like you could have just as easily bought those from the store as made them from what they look like. So cute! You're becoming quite the seamstress and I'm so impressed.

Sarah GM said...

The toys are so cute. I want to try the giraffe toy. I saw it on Chasing Cheerios. Did you add some crinkly material, like the lining of a cereal box, to make the toys make noise? I also want to try the quilted color book you did earlier. That is next on my to do list.