Friday, January 1, 2010

2009 Blog Stats

I had fun last year with a post on my blog stats for the year, so here's another.

We had 7138 visits this year with 2458 unique visitors. 66% were returning visitors, 34% were new. We averaged 19.5 visits/day. We had the most visits on December 3--82 visits. That was the day Daniel was born!

89% of readers are from the U.S. That's interesting because last year it was 96%--somehow my international readership has gone up! There have been visitors from 68 countries. The U.K., Brazil, Canada, and Australia are the next ones on the list. I really was surprised to see that I had a visit from somewhere I've never heard of--Vanuatu. I had to look it up. It's an island republic in the South Pacific.

I am surprised that the fabric barn I made for my nephew last year is still getting tons of visitors--over 900. It's linked on the blog of the original lady who made it and she must get some serious traffic! Some of the more interesting keywords that brought visitors to our site are: "phillies pumpkins," "dancing carrot," "in bed by 6 cruel," "adam cooks cancer," "big fat black spiders in my house," "bully baby," "dead d-e-d dead," "do spiders live in blankets," "i tried calling everyone i know. i got depressed so i went to ikea for breakfast," "im a grill cook and keep getting fluid in my ears," "what happened to adam james," and finally, "what really happened to adam james."

So there is 2009 in review! Oh, and we had a baby. :]

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lsj said...

That is interesting about Vanuatu. They speak Bislama there and that was one of our languages until after October Conference.