Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Some pictures

I just realized I haven't posted any pictures on here, just on Facebook. Here are a few. I need to upload some more onto my computer. Daniel is waking up (though he's been making waking up noises for an hour, so I'm not sure how long he really is going to nap for).
Whistling. This is one of his most common expressions. He likes to stare at us with this blank look on his face and his mouth open in a little "o" that doesn't make him look very intelligent, but is pretty cute!
He sleeps a lot, like all babies. We had a tough first night with me only getting two hours of sleep, but since then I've been averaging five and last night I think I actually got 6.5. He gives us a nice four hour stretch every night and that makes it easier to deal with the shorter stretches or with the time spent trying to soothe him back to sleep. By this point Katrina was starting to refuse to sleep in her bassinet and we had to go on a ride or a walk in the stroller every night to get her to sleep, and then she had to sleep in her bouncer. I sure hope we can avoid that with Daniel.

We received this chair for Katrina as a gift with the instruction to open it on our way to the hospital. Katrina loves it! We have been really wanting to get her a little chair for awhile, but decided to go with some other things instead for Christmas. So we are thrilled too.

Daniel's pack n play in the living room is right next to the coldest part of the house, so we have to bundle him up if he's napping there. I've gotten pretty good at swaddling him, so right now he's wrapped up like a little baby burrito.

And another angle of Katrina.
I have a couple more current pictures of him, but I am spending most of my time nursing and trying to entertain Katrina. Today was my first day completely solo. Adam's mom has been coming and will keep coming to help me out. It's been great. Today wasn't too bad, though. I managed to make it just fine, and Adam just came home super early! Didn't get much of a nap myself because Daniel kept faking me me out that he was waking up, but that's all right.
Well I'm off to wake this baby up because my own body demands that he get up. :] And then we get to eat a nice dinner that a ward member brought us. We mixed things up accidentally and got two meals last night, so tonight we're set!


Tasha's Life said...

It sounds like things are going pretty well. I can't wait to see even more pictures. Thanks for the updates! Love ya!

Elise said...

I love the whistling picture. And the chair? That is fantastic! I love the stripes. It is so cute-sophisticated.

And post as many newborn baby pictures as you can. I don't think I will ever get tired of looking at them :).

Deidre said...

Congrats on the sweet baby boy. Talk about little chairs for little boys for Christmas that aren't in stock at Argh!