Saturday, December 19, 2009


After the bath last night with fuzzy hair:
Today and last night were really hard. We can't get Daniel back to sleep without a huge struggle. He spent a good amount of the day like this, but usually screaming.
He has fallen into a schedule already that I sure hope changes soon. He eats every two hours or less during the day, 2-3 hours at night, and has two four hour naps late each evening and early each morning, which is sure nice but not for getting sleep. His nighttime nap is usually on the boppy:

Katrina had a fun day today even though we were stuck inside because of the snow. She insisted on going out on the balcony once but didn't like walking in the snow.

View of the tree and snow earlier today.

Pictures I took just a few minutes ago.

That's our car. Adam has even gone out twice and brushed it off so it won't be as bad tomorrow. We still have church but it's been delayed until 2 and it's only Sacrament meeting, so I think I'll go.

Daniel is waking up, so it's off to feed him, try to get him to sleep, feed him more, walk him, collapse on the bed while Adam takes him out in the living room so I can get some sleep.... At least one of our kids sleeps 11-12 hours through the night!


Tasha's Life said...

So hard right now with sleeping schedules. I'm so sorry! The snow is so pretty. We've had snow here, but now it's starting to melt. I think we'll get more next week.

I love the pictures of Daniel. So cute and so precious. I wish I could hold him and snuggle him.

Elise said...

Bless you, Tori, bless you. Newborns are tough. I guess the good thing is that it will only last a few months. . .but I wish there was a way for that time to go by faster for you! I feel bad for Daniel, but I feel much worse for you :).

Momza said...

Tori, You are such a good blogger!
the pictures are fun to look at too!
Merry Christmas~!